it's about that time.

well the layout needed some changing. and so i thought this would look freakin sweet. i didn't turn out the way i wanted it to. but oh well. i'm going to stay up late tomorrow night and work it out. so it will be looking snazzy. and i need help from you guys...START MAKING BANNERS! and i want you guys to include the fact that we aren't that cocky and full of ourselves, like all of the other rating communities. because i think people get intimidated. so i understand why people do not apply. i'm going to redo everything. but it will take me time. so by saturday..expect change.
peace homies and stay fresh.
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welcome back POT HEADS

so there is a new layout here at livejournal.
there are new maintainers (i.e. Mark Myatt)
and i really want people to make more banners and promote like a rabid monkey on crack.
ok bitches i'm out.
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