ht: 5'7.5
cw: 114lbs
bmi: 17.6

short term goal: 110lbs (bmi 17.0)
median goal: 105lbs (bmi 16.2)
long term goal: 100lbs (bmi 15.4)
ultimate goal: 97lbs (bmi 15.0)
had surgery about 7 weeks ago.... who knew that would make me lose so much weight? i was stuck between 130-136 for what seemed like forever... and then as soon as i stopped actively trying to lose weight, it started falling off. nuts. 97 is the lowest i've ever been... the double digits landed me in the hospital with the onset of organ failure and severe dehydration. i'd like to do it correctly this time... without hospitals and near death experiences. wish me luck.
i hope everyone is well and happy and safe.

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Hello, I'm new to this community.. And to Live Journal..
Just thought I'd introduce myself.
I'm Savannah. I'd really like support as I've been having a terrible time with binging lately..
I'm 14 but I'm really mature for my age.. I usually hang out with the 20 year olds because people my age seem so young to me..
I have a older brother and a sister who is 4..
That's about it.. Support please =)
CW: Too embarrased to put it on here...
GW1: Lose 20 pounds by the end of March..
My UGW is 120-130..
Bye =P
Have a great day =)
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 hey im hayden (the GUY kind of hayden, i dont even think, its really a legitimate girl name, it means BOY in the hay..) .. yeah...
CW: 102
HW: 124
LW: 90
GW1: 98
GW2: 93
LTGW: 90
say hi please!!
ive been having a rough time lately and i could really use the encouragement..
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whiskers on kittens

This is my first entry here on fivefootseven and I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am new here to livejournal and new to talking about my weight... health... eating issues. I have never had a plan and my weight goes up and down constantly. I am going to try the 28 Day Plan. For the past two years it has been the most rough. I was ALWAYS below 115 and I survived off of chocolate milk, grapefruit and cheetos. :) My favorites... But the past year or so my appetite has increased and I don't know why. Also my  weight has skyrocketed due to the fact my husband and I had moved in together and purging is limited and he cooks... a lot. I think now that I have a plan to stick to I will succeed in losing the weight . Also now that I am eating other foods than besides my safe foods I can learn the calories and know how much I can eat. I am just rambling. I probably sound stupid. If you'd like to have someone to talk to please add me... <3

Height: 5'7"
LW: 95
LTGW: to stay around/under 110
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hello there

So this is my first post. First to livejournal actually. But I've been incognito for a while. I've been going up and down for a while weight wise and in and out of good eating habits. Started losing again and realize that people do notice me more. Now I'm so afraid of gaining it back. I'd like some friends here if anyone wants to be my friend! Anyways...

height: 5'7"
CW: 131
HW: 150
LW: 120
GW1: 120
GW2: 110
UGW: 105
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Havent been on here for over 9 months now.
Got put into hospital again for my medical digestive illness and they fed me to a safe weight.
Now i weighed myself again for the first time in around 5 months and suddenly im 179 pounds.
I want to be back down to 130 again so back to the old routine.
1000 calories a day. Work out for 3 hours. Peppermint and Green Tea. 10 cal soups. Coursework for college. Water and Live Journal.
How much weight can i lose by christmas do you think.

Height: 5'7
CW: 179
HW :220
LW: 113
GW1: 159 by new years.

Anyone watch..

Did anyone catch the Victoria's Secret fashion show last night!?

God I want to look like them so bad.
I have the legs... I just need to lose all my fat.

Age: 21
CW: 135
GW: 115
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just took my measurements.
32-25-35. my thigh circumference is 20"

i just got a pair of "always skinny black riding jeans" from the gap in a size 0/25. they fit fairly perfectly. trouble is, i know that i am not actually a size 0. that is impossible. so my question is (because i've been looking online for over an hour), what size am i really? 2? 4? 6?!?! i know all about vanity sizing and that a tag that says 0 doesn't usually mean 0. i want to know, realistically, my true size. thanks to anyone who can offer insight. hope you are well.

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ok so this is my first post so hi to everyone,

cw: too high (too embarrased to say)
gw: 60Kg (132 lbs) and hopefully lower

my main goal is to get my BMI down to 20 and eventually down to 18.
ever since starting my final school year i have slowly gained wait due to being stuck inside studding (if i fail these exams i can't get in to uni),

i would really appricate some ideas for excersises that i can do with out equiptment and indoors,
thanks :)