pxidustbonelust (pxidustbonelust) wrote in __fivefootseven,

freakin pants.

can someone give me a list of brands that run on the small side? particularly jeans. i would really appreciate the help.
currently 98lbs, bmi 15.2
had to purchase new jeans, because all of my clothes were falling off. i had a coupon for 20% off at american eagle, so that's where i went. because i'm cheap. i got two pairs, both in size 00, one skinny and the other slim boot. the bootcut is huge, which makes me sad because i really thought they would shrink up a bit once i washed them. the skinnies fit a bit better, but still get really big as the day goes by. so again, posing the question, where can i find quality, affordable denim that runs small, or true to size? please don't suggest the kids section...they just don't have the right cut. thanks, and i hope you all are well.

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