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let's call it a mandetory family visit instead. anyway, i went to virginia with my mom and most of her siblings their spouses and a few of my cousins and their spouses and my grandparents were there. the trip was, on the whole, less eventful than usual. except for the burger king. see, bk has a veggie burger. and it is delicious. and terrible for you. if you were to eat the bk veggie, as i have done, this is what it would cost you.
bk veggie w/ cheese, pickles, ketchup (minus bun)
230 calories
9(!!!!) grams of fat
1360mg sodium

if you were to brave the bun, and possibly forget to say "NO MAYO OR I WILL MURDER YOUR FIRST BORN CHILD"
570 calories
29 (dies) grams of fat
1710mg sodium

if you were to eat the veggie burger dry, with no bun or pickles or cheese (and fat people like me cannot go without cheese)
170 calories
4.5 grams of fat
620mg sodium

if you were to eat a serving of mayo at burger king, it would cost you 80 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 70 mg of sodium.

anyway, before we left on this trip... i weighed 108lbs. everyone in my family decided to call me out and tell me how i'm 'too thin' and need to 'eat more'. my pop-pop, who i idolize and love more than anyone else in the world, told me to 'slow down', because he thinks i'm going somewhere, and he 'doesn't want to see me in heaven'. (which actually confused me, bc i wasn't sure if he meant 'go to hell' or 'take care of yourself and don't die yet because you still have a lot to accomplish') when your favorite person says something like that.... you do whatever it takes. so i ate. a whole fucking lot. when we got home last night/this morning, i weighed myself, knowing that it was going to be off the charts (my mother almost slapped me when i said that i thought was going to gain 15lbs this weekend). back up to 115, figures. my stomach was distended and i looked pregnant, but not in a good way. this morning, after sleeping for 8 hours, the scale said 112. :/ i feel like i'm never going to be happy.

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