pxidustbonelust (pxidustbonelust) wrote in __fivefootseven,

wish me luck.

i'm going back to work tomorrow. i have been out since march 1st, when i had my shoulder surgery. i spent 3 years trying to get my hours changed to something decent and tolerable. finally, in september, they gave me the coveted 8-4 shift. a few days ago, i received a letter from my boss (who, for the record, is not the one who gave me the 8-4 shift, but rather the one who refused to change my hours for 3 years), saying that my hours were being changed to 10-6 upon my return to work. ::sigh:: i hate that she hates me so much.
so anyway... going back to work bouncing between 113.5-116. this will go one of two ways. either i will gain like a fiend, or i will continue to lose. cross your fingers that it turns out to be the latter. any words of encouragement or well wishes would be greatly appreciated. i'm so nervous...
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