d EAT h (veganorexic) wrote in __fivefooteight,
d EAT h

Today (it's 4:30am haha) I've quit smoking for a week. (I've been a heavy smoker for 7/8 years!) I'm cheating with an e-cigarette, but it's better than smoking even if it's not getting me off the nicotine right away.
Instead of gaining weight, I've lost a couple of pounds.
Today will be day 3 of what so far has been a successful new diet plan derived from losertown.
I'm trying to restrict and work out without being too obsessive, and focusing more on nutrition than crazy low cals so I won't end up skinny/fat or malnourished or yoyoing.
It's a whole new deal for me, it used to be numbers and nothing else that mattered, fuck health.
I want to be thin, but I also want to be well and be in real control.
I'm hoping to lose about 78 more pounds by December of this year.
It could go faster, and slower, but I want some speed but also better success and body composition.
I hope this works!
It's going to be really hard, I won't get enough of the support I'll need from my fam/bf.
Wish me luck!

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