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♥ Basic ♥

Name: hii im kate
Age: 15 years young
Birthday: July 24th, 1990
Location: Abilene, Texass
Sexual Preference: i love the boys
Status [taken/single]: SiNGLE <3
If taken, do you have a picture? --

♥ Favorites ♥

3+ Singers: Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Sara Evans, LeeAnn Rymes, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban
5+ Bands: Fall Out Boy, Backstreet Boys, Nickleback, Rascall Flatts, Panic! At The Disco & Taking Back Sunday
Band/singer you secretly love: SPiCE GiRLS<33-*
Food(s): -pasta-cheesburgers-french fries-sammiches-
Candy: anything chocolate<3 & starburst
Clothing Item: hooodiess + flip flops
Clothing Brand: ae, aero, hollister, rue21 & wet seal
Shoes: flip flops =]
3+ Movie: fast times at ridgemont high; dazed && confused; the notebook; titanic; in her shoes; walk the line; RENT<3; mean girls; 10 things i hate about you; lifetime<3; a time to kill
Song: Jason Aldean--Why; Rascall Flatts--What Hurts the Most; Nickelback--Animals
Book: The Wedding~Nicholas Sparks

♥ School ( We don’t want people who are idiots )♥

How are your grades? i have 90+ in all my classes except Geometry which i have an 84 in
Favorite subject: i ♥ french<3
What do you plan on majoring in at college? criminal justice/animal science & my alternante is fashion desine
Where do you attend/hope to attend college? im shooting for the University of Texas at Austin my alternates are:: Texas Luthern Univesity, McMurry University, Abilen Christian University
What do you want to be once you graduate? an animal police officer or fashion designer

♥ Beauty ♥

On a scale from 1-10 how do you rate yourself? uhh. id say a 6?
Favorite thing about yourself? i love my body shape. & my eyes
Least favorite thing? my ears & my butt. i have small ears so i cant get anymore peircing & my gluteius could be more maximus
What is more important beauty or brains? Why? brains; because pretty is as pretty does. Hot guys are ass holes. & beauty fades

♥ Bitchy ♥

Bitchiest thing you have ever done? I started a really bad rumor about this one girl..
Do people call you a bitch? Why? Yes; Because im blunt & opinonated, I dont care what people think about the way i act, i stand up for what i believe in & I dont back down.
Do you enjoy being a bitch? Yes, I do. People dont walk all over me or treat me like shit because i stick up for myslef.
We want to be nosy. Tell us a bitchy secret.It'd be pretty bitchy if i told somebody that knew this but:: my best friend wet her bed until she was 12 :[

♥Opinions, You Bitch ♥

Please pick 3+ of the topics below and elaborate, lazy!
Premarital Sex:
Make-up: I personally love make-up. I think it enhances what I've already got. I can go out without it on, but I prefer to wear it. I also enjoy putting it on. I love expiriment with different eye shadow, eye liner, ect. I don't understand why older girls cant wear it. The way my mom did it was she let me choose a different thing every 2 monthes. For example: the first time i chose eyeliner so i wore eyeliner then 2 monthes later she told me i could pick something else to wear as well & i chose mascara. That was when i was 13 & now im 15 & can wear whatever i want. I think she did that so I didnt end up looking like a little prostitue. [=
Gay Marriage: Honestly, I dont understand the big deal. I dont think that they're condemed to hell. Why would God put people on the earth if they we're just condemed to hell? That'd be a waste, wouldn't it? I think that they should have the same rights as everyone else. Lets say:: 2 women partners have been together forever, but they cant get married. One of them is on their death bed & the other cant go see her because they arent legally married? That would kill me if I was in that position. Now, I'm not gay. But, I love gay guys haha, its just not for me.
Censoring Lyrics:
Cliques: Cliques are inevitable. As a girl, I hang out with people im comfortable with, people who know me & care about me. I dont think that seperating girls because you think they arent socializing with anybody else is crazy. Girls are always gonna talk about other girls & being in a clique doesnt change that. I dont understand the big deal.

♥ This or That ♥

Coke/Pepsi: coke<3
Sit-down restaurant/fast-food restaurant: sit-down
Paris/Nicole: Paris
Real World/Road Rules: Real World
Bush/Kerry: neither [=
Rock/Rap: Rock
Lindsay/Hilary: neither [=
Mary-Kate/Ashley: both

♥ Extra ♥

Have any tattoos or piercings? i have 2 holes in each ear & my belly button
Tell us your pet peeves and why. when you lay down to go to sleep, get really comfortable & then realize your light is on. Because I cant sleep with my light on & I'm lazy and I always forget to turn the damn light off.
I also hate when people touch my feet. It just grosses me out. :X
I really dont like being licked either.. kissing is okay but being licked is just nasty
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and why? France because im taking French & learning about the culture & it sounds like a fun place to live. Plus, the French have manners.
Hottest celeb? Jennifer Aniston. I think she's beautiful & she has a good head on her shouldars.
You gotta role model? Pic? my roll model is my mommy. Shes been through so much & she keeps me strong. I love her to death<3
What do you think about the mods? Be honest. I think they're friggen hot & they do a good job with this community
Make us laugh. Show us a picture, tell us a funny story or a joke.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

so me & my friend have this inside joke about cookie monster because one of her little sisters friends is really.. over weight & well her little brother saw her little sisters friend go into the kitchen all alone & shove a bunch of teddy grams in her face. so now we call her cookie monster. its kinda mean but its fucking hillarious =]

Promote us in one promotion community, one of your other communities, and your journal and post the links.
& http://users.livejournal.com/___fuckinkissme/profile

Tell us, why do YOU belong here? because I'm a bitch, but I back my shit up. I'm smart & it shocks people that I have brains & beauty. I have a good personality & I know when to be a bitch & when to be sweet. + I love promoting [=
How did you come up with your username? haha. this used to be my friends lj but she gave it to me? yah its pretty weird but i like it. cause i cuss alot & i like to kiss<3
Make a soundtrack of your life (out of songs):
[x]ever since puberty everybody stares at me. boys, girls i cant help it, baby. so be kind & dont lose your mine. just remember that im your baby. take me for what i am, who i was meant to be -- TaKE ME OR LEaVE ME ~ RENT<3
[o]love never wanted me;; but I took it anyway -- FaLL OUT BOY<3
[x]best friends means friends forever -- TaKiNG BaCK SUNDaY<3
[o]im just drunk enough to let go of my pain. to hell with this pride, let it fall like rain. tonight i wanna cry -- KEiTH URBaN<3
[x]why are you always on the verge of goodbye before i show you how i really feel inside? -- JaSON aLDEaN<3
[o]no shoes. no shirt. no problems<333* -- KENNY CHESSNEY<3
[x]i've given up on love cause loves given up on me -- MiRaNDa LaMBERT<3
[o]you say your every day
is a bad dream that keeps repeating
maybe you should've thought of that
when you we're cheating
now what became of "whats-her-name"
after she spent all your money
did she leave you just like you left me?
oh, i'll be glad to take you back
.just as soon as i stop breathing.
maybe you should've thought about that when you were cheating <3
-- SaRa EVaNS<3
[x]yeah, she he caught my eye,
as we walked on by.
she he could see from my face that I was,
fucking high,
& i don't think that i'll see her him again,
but we shared a moment that will last till the end. -- JaMES BLUNT<3
[o]i was gonna clean my room before i got high -- aFRO MaN<3

♥ Pictures ♥
Post at least 3 clear & no nudity.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Post a 100x100 picture in case you get accepted.
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