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♥ Basic ♥
Name: Kelly.
Age: Fifteen.
Birthday: December 11th. (Same as Shawn from Boy Meets World, haha)
Location: Connecticut.
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Status [taken/single]: Single.
If taken, do you have a picture? N/A
¢¾ Favorites ¢¾
3+ Singers: Elliot Smith, Jason Mraz, Conor Oberst
5+ Bands: Smashing Pumpkins, Bright Eyes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Sublime, Brand New
Band/singer you secretly love: Gunna have to say.. Afroman haha. Just because of the song 'Colt 45'
Food(s): Watermelon and salad. =)
Candy: Hmmm, Starburst recently. It's like, all I ate today.
Clothing Item: Jeans, if that's what the question is asking? Ha, sorry.
Clothing Brand: Hmmm...FREEPEOPLE
Shoes: Conversesss or just flip flops.
3+ Movie: Virgin Suicides, Titanic haha, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Empire Records
Song: 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
Book: RENT by Jonathon Larson
♥ School ( We don¡¯t want people who are idiots )♥
How are your grades? Low A's
Favorite subject: Chemistry
What do you plan on majoring in at college? Psychology
Where do you attend/hope to attend college? Yale University but I would need like straight A+'s haha.
What do you want to be once you graduate? Forensic Psychologist, like in Law and Order: SVU lol.
♥ Beauty ♥
On a scale from 1-10 how do you rate yourself? 6 perhaps.
Favorite thing about yourself? My eyes cause they're green, and I'm one of the only people I know with green eyes.
Least favorite thing? My skin probably.
What is more important beauty or brains? Why? Brains because...not to be cliche but it will get you farther in the long run.
♥ Bitchy ♥
Bitchiest thing you have ever done? Hmm just like, randomly stopped being friends with people for no reason whatsoever.
Do people call you a bitch? Why? Occasionally, because I'm a REALLY sarcastic person.
Do you enjoy being a bitch? Depends on who it's to, haha.
♥Opinions, You Bitch ♥
Please pick 3+ of the topics below and elaborate, lazy!
Premarital Sex:
Make-up: I don't wear it because I simply don't know how to put it on haha (one of the pics down there is the first time I ever tried) but I think some people look gorgeous with it.
Gay Marriage: I'm straight but I think that not allowing gay marraige is ridiculous and discrimitory. I also think that anyone who uses the defense that not supporting gay marraige is to keep the sanctity of marraige is ignorant, because like 2 month marraiges are not very sacred.
Censoring Lyrics:
Cliques: Inevitable haha. Whatever it's a part of high school (and i'm assuming college and life and just everything) and it's basically harmless.
♥ This or That ♥
Coke/Pepsi: Pepsi.
Sit-down restaurant/fast-food restaurant: Sit-down restaurant, usually.
Paris/Nicole: PARIS. =)
Real World/Road Rules: Real World, for the most part.
Bush/Kerry: I'm pretty indifferent, I don't know much on the subject, which I know is stupid of me buttttt I don't know.
Rock/Rap: Rock.
Lindsay/Hilary: Lindsay, she's prettier and she doesn't try to be all nice or innocent like Hilary.
Mary-Kate/Ashley: Mary-Kate.
♥ Extra ♥
Have any tattoos or piercings? 3 holes in both ears.
Tell us your pet peeves and why. I don't like when people don't really have a reason for doing something, because I'm one of those people who analyzes, like, everything.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and why? I would go to Italy because there's nice beaches AND it's an artsy, fun place.
Hottest celeb? Hmmm.. Jared Leto. And for girl..Adriana Lima haha.
You gotta role model? Pic? I'd have to sayyyyy Sofia Coppola. She's the one who directed Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation.
What do you think about the mods? Be honest. Hmmm are there any mods right now?
Make us laugh. Show us a picture, tell us a funny story or a joke. I saw this on some website and it made me laugh. The caption says "Just tell your parents Josh was giving you road head. They'll understand."
Promote us in one promotion community, one of your other communities, and your journal and post the links.
♥ I've not been accepted to any communities yet, because I just made this journal yesterday.
♥ My journal=promoted. =)
Tell us, why do YOU belong here? I belong here because I can be another opinion and some more pictures posted. Also, I'm smart and I can be bitchy, and that's what the communities about. :)
How did you come up with your username? I like Nirvana, Bleach is a Nirvana album, etc. etc.
Make a soundtrack of your life (out of songs):
[x] Zephyr Song by RHCP.
[o] Playground Love by Air.
[x] Champagne Supernova by Oasis.
[o] Rockin' the Subarbs by Ben Folds.
[x] Last Dance with Maryjane by Tom Petty.
[o] Summer Jam by the Underdog Project. (Haha techno.)
[x] Sleeping Bag by Beck.
[o] Time is Running Out by Muse.
[x] Fast Car by Tracey Chapman.
[o] Vie Boheme from RENT
♥ Pictures ♥
Post at least 3 clear & no nudity.

I'm usually a lot happier, haha.

Post a 100x100 picture in case you get accepted.

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