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<b>♥ Basic ♥</b>

<b>Name: </b> dania
<b>Age: </b> 14
<b>Birthday: </b> may 29, 1990
<b>Location: </b> Florida
<b>Sexual Preference: </b> guys
<b>Status [taken/single]: </b> taken
<b>If taken, do you have a picture? </b>

<b>♥ Favorites ♥</b>

<b>3+ Singers: </b> eminem. kenny chesney, tim mcgraw, 50 cent, justin timberlake
<b>5+ Bands: </b> g unit, rascal flats,  lil jon and the east side boys, ti, sugarland
<b>Band/singer you secretly love: </b> EMINEM
<b>Food(s): </b> cheese, pizza,
<b>Candy: </b> anything
<b>Clothing Item: </b> pants, tank top
<b>Clothing Brand: </b> j lo
<b>Shoes: </b> g units, skateboarding shoes and kswiss
<b>3+ Movie: </b> save the last dance, 8 seconds, cowboy up
<b>Song: </b> god bless the broken road
<b>Book: </b> don't reall have one

<b>♥ School ( We don’t want people who are idiots )♥ </b>

<b>How are your grades? </b> a & b's
<b>Favorite subject: </b> math
<b>What do you plan on majoring in at college? </b>
<b>Where do you attend/hope to attend college? </b> universtiy of florida
<b>What do you want to be once you graduate? </b> costemoligsts

<b>♥ Beauty ♥</b>

<b>On a scale from 1-10 how do you rate yourself? </b> 8
<b>Favorite thing about yourself? </b> my face, my chest, and my butt
<b>Least favorite thing? </b> my thighs
<b>What is more important beauty or brains? Why? </b> brains, b/c you need a brain to live in the real world

<b>♥ Bitchy ♥</b>

<b>Bitchiest thing you have ever done? </b> hit a guy in the nuts
<b>Do people call you a bitch? Why? </b> yea
<b>Do you enjoy being a bitch? </b> yea
<b>We want to be nosy. Tell us a bitchy secret.</b>

<b>♥Opinions, You Bitch ♥</b>

<b>Please pick 3+ of the topics below and elaborate, lazy!</b>
<b>Premarital Sex: </b> elaborate
<b>Make-up: </b> elaborate
<b>Gay Marriage: </b>  lazy
<b>Censoring Lyrics: </b> lazy
<b>Pornography: </b> elaborate
<b>Cliques: </b> lazy

<b>♥ This or That ♥</b>

<b>Coke/Pepsi: </b> pepsi
<b>Sit-down restaurant/fast-food restaurant: </b> sit down
<b>Paris/Nicole: </b>paris
<b>Real World/Road Rules: </b> real world
<b>Bush/Kerry: </b> bush
<b>Rock/Rap: </b> rap
<b>Lindsay/Hilary: </b> lindsay
<b>Mary-Kate/Ashley: </b> mary-kate

<b>♥ Extra ♥</b>

<b>Have any tattoos or piercings? </b> ears and belly button perced
<b>Tell us your pet peeves and why. </b> none really
<b>If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and why? </b> austrialia
<b>Hottest celeb? </b> eminem
<b>You gotta role model? Pic? </b> i don't reall y have a role model
<b>What do you think about the mods? Be honest. </b>
<b>Make us laugh. Show us a picture, tell us a funny story or a joke. </b>

<b>Promote us in one promotion community, one of your other communities,  and your journal and post the links. </b>
<b>Tell us, why do YOU belong here? </b>
<b>How did you come up with your username? </b>
<b>Make a soundtrack of your life (out of songs):</b>
[x]bless the broken road
[o] cross my heart
[x] don't want you bac
[o] family portraits

<b>♥ Pictures ♥</b>
<b>Post at least 3 clear & no nudity. </b>
<b>Post a 100x100 picture in case you get accepted. </b>

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