March 14th, 2005


I have been in an extremely bad mood lately. I have been very bitchy to.

Some girl is dating this guy I like right, welll, I saw her in the hall at the wrong time and I ran into her, I mean I RAN INTO HER. She fell back and was like "what the fuck" I put my hand up to my mouth and was like "oops" and started laughing. I really did find it hilarious. THEN...I was talking to the guy I like and I was like as long as your with a nasty, scrubby, pill-popping skanky bitch like that I am worried about you. He was like whats wrong with you?? I was like oh that dumb bitch is what's wrong with me, she thinks she owns everything she needs to get knocked out, I'll be glad to do it to. He just walked away...I felt so good after all of it though.

Then, my aunt and uncle were braggin about their new trucks. I walked up to them and I was like that one is ok the other one is just plain ugly...but congrats! I walked away laughing.

It's just been a rough week.

I will do more promoting I promise!!

How do you like the new icon girls!! <333. I'm in love with it. I have another one that says..."Mean people Kick ASS!"

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