March 6th, 2005

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hey jsut wanted to let you knwo that i found this little heart that might look better instead of the pink one.

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Little Idea

I don't know about you bitches, but I want at least 5 applicants a day, active members, and that fucking point system! Since promoting isn't working, I say we all put one of the banners in our userinfo. That way, everyone can see it when they view your information.

We're still looking for someone to fill the lovely co-mod position. Rules are practically the same, but I want to make it easier to go by. The person who promotes the most and gets at least 10 members to say that you promoted them will get the job as co-mod, unless we find you completely unworthy or unactive.

10 promotions will get you 20 points when the point system starts
20 promotions will get you 40 points when the point system starts
30 promotions will get you 60 points when the point system starts
& so on and so forth.