March 1st, 2005

Another MOD Post

Okay girls, how would you like it if we had the following. Please comment on which
one(s) you like!

♥hottie of the month
♥lyrics contest (we post 10 lyrics, you be the first to get all 10 correct)
♥scavenger hunt
♥point system
♥*surprise* fun

What's going on?! Nobody wants to be co-mod :( lol. Let's get promoting!


I just thought I would let the Mods and everyone know that I am promoting like crazy! I already have three girls ready to join but, they have been really busy with work so when they can they will post applications!

I was a bitch today by the way! During F-Cat I totally told this kid off for saying I need to "get into shape". I was proud.

Much Love! <3Manda
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MOD/ Update

OK here are the lucky bitches that got in .. Which means you can vote/post/participate.
& The mods, of course.

Now girls please make sure you vote on:
o1.southsidegirl4e - REJECTED
02.worthlesspieces.. her app is under my name.

Thanks everyone !
<3 mods
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