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b i t c h y

♥ Basic ♥

Name: Ashley
Age: 15...16 in 7 days
Birthday: 3/17/89
Location: down south Louisiana
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Status [taken/single]: love...and loving it!
If taken, do you have a picture?

(me and my boyfriend on vacation 4 months ago in North Carolina)

♥ Favorites ♥

3+ Singers: Ashlee Simpson, Amy Dalley, Brad Paisley
5+ Bands: Something Corporate, The Postal Service, Taking Back Sunday, Good Charlotte, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Simple Plan
Band/singer you secretly love: This is going to sound so gay, but I catch myself everynow and then listening to just any random old rock bands/singers lol. I dont know why, but sometimes its jsut fun to do lol. It's something different lol.
Food(s): boiled crawfish and spaghtetti!
Candy: anything blueberry flavored, blow pops, gummy worms!
Clothing Item: I am a tee-shirt freak. like when im at home, i just like to lounge back, relax and be comfortable
Clothing Brand: Probably HCO!
Shoes: I'm a deisel freak!
3+ Movie: The Notebook, The Pacifier, You've got mail, Coyote Ugly, Mean Girls, and EuroTrip (it's a classic, it doesnt go out of style lol)
Song: probably comin' your way by lil wyte, because its a mix of country and rap...he made the song using lyrics from the song good ole' boys by waylon jennings!
Book: i really enjoyed the book the crucible

♥ School ( We don’t want people who are idiots )♥

How are your grades? well this semester i have home economics II- A, world geography- A, Word Processing- B, and Biology- B (but i am working to make all A's but today and tomorrow i have exams, and tomorrow's exams are going to kill me...and im smart enough to know i just used personification in that sentence lol)
Favorite subject: Math subjects, I am really good in math...passed Algebra I with great grades and Geometry with great grades, and took pre-calculus for the fun of it, and did...well not great, but did better than some of the seniors lol.
What do you plan on majoring in at college? Either Business Ethics, Management Science, Fashion Design, or Interior Design
Where do you attend/hope to attend college? LSU or FIDM
What do you want to be once you graduate? Either become an entreprenuer and open my own interior decorating business or own some sort of business, but im not exactly sure yet, there are so many opportunities, that i can't exactly decide.

♥ Beauty ♥

On a scale from 1-10 how do you rate yourself? 8 1/2
Favorite thing about yourself? I am a very confident person, and I don't care what anyone says or thinks about me.
Least favorite thing? I have a bad attitude some times lol...and my feet, they are ugly lol! I have long skinny toes!
What is more important beauty or brains? Why? I would say brains, not that beauty isn't important, but I would rather have knowledge and be semi-attractive, rather than being dumb as dirt and beautiful.

♥ Bitchy ♥

Bitchiest thing you have ever done? Probably just bite people's heads off for no apparent reason, and I can't just name one situtation of me doing this, because the school environment seems to persuade me to do this alot lol.
Do people call you a bitch? Why? Yea...probably because I generally am bitchy lol. I take things out on people for no apparent reason, and just get loud and pissy with them lol.
Do you enjoy being a bitch? Yea, why not, because even if your not really a bitch, people are still going to call you a bitch.
We want to be nosy. Tell us a bitchy secret. If I knew what a bitchy secret was, I would tell you lol.

♥Opinions, You Bitch ♥

Please pick 3+ of the topics below and elaborate, lazy!
Premarital Sex: Well, my personal opinion is that if you think you are ready, and think you love your significant other enough that you are ready to make that step, then make that step, but don't complain to other people if you get pregnant lol, because obviously you weren't ready if you weren't prepared with a rubber!
Make-up: Make-up is nice, it helps you out on those days when you just can't picture walking out the house because you think you look like hot garbage on a good year time!
Gay Marriage: I have alot of gay friends, and if they want to marry their boyfriends, I will be there to cheer them on, but don't expect me to marry a women lol.
Censoring Lyrics: If someone is listening to a song with explicit lyrics, then obviously they don't care what the words are lol. But it is good for the simple fact that sometimes children like to turn on the radio and listen to whatever their big sister/brother is listening to, and children pick up on what they hear its good in the fact that they won't be walking aroun saying F' this M' F'er lol!
Pornography: Well, some people make money in the strangest ways lol. I think it's hot, not because I'm some horny freak, but because come on its hot lol. i dont look at naked people or anything, but im a huge jenna jameson fan. It is kinda odd how there is so many different types of porn these days...i mean Animal Porn wtf?
Cliques: They are nice to have. Not everyone can get along, but in clique situations, usually everyone in your clique is tight knit and love each other! Gang cliques on the other hand are just wrong lol!

♥ This or That ♥

Coke/Pepsi: Pepsi
Sit-down restaurant/fast-food restaurant: Sit-down restaurant w/candles and my honey! :)
Paris/Nicole: Pari
Real World/Road Rules: Real World
Bush/Kerry: Bush
Rock/Rap: Rock
Lindsay/Hilary: Lindsay
Mary-Kate/Ashley: Ashley

♥ Extra ♥

Have any tattoos or piercings? My ears are pierced. My belly button was pierced, but it got infected so i let it heal up, but i am re-doing it. Sometimes after my birthday, i am getting a playboy bunny tattoo on my lower back about 3 inches above my butt crack.
Tell us your pet peeves and why. When people bite their finger nails and spit them...thats sick, how would you like it if i bite off my finger nail and shot it like a projectile towards your head?
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and why? I would travel to Egypt. If just looks really funky, and I want to see the real pyramids and mummies and stuff lol.
Hottest celeb? Paris Hilton, i totally love her! She's rich, famous, whats not hot lol?
You gotta role model? Pic? My friend Anna

What do you think about the mods? Be honest. Haven't spoken to them yet. All I can honestly say about them is they have a kick ass community!
Make us laugh. Show us a picture, tell us a funny story or a joke.
Ok a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead all go to the gynocologist to find out what their babies were. The brunette says I was on bottom so Its going to be a boy, the redhead said i was on top so im having a girl, the blonde walks in says, "Doctor we were doing it from behind like dogs do, so that must mean we are having puppies"

Promote us in one promotion community, one of your other communities, and your journal and post the links.
Tell us, why do YOU belong here? This community looks really cool, I'm a really bitchy person, but im also a super nice person...maybe im bi-polar idk? lol. Im fun to talk to and very energetic...and that makes me kinda infectious, and im sure i will grow on you :)
How did you come up with your username? Well i love paris hilton's dog tinkerbell...and i like to add eh to alot of words, like my name i was like tink3rbelly sounds cute, so add eh and make it look cute!
Make a soundtrack of your life (out of songs):
[x]Alison Krauss- Lonely Runs Both Ways
[o]Men Don't Change- Amy Dalley
[x]Redneck Women- Gretchen Wilson
[o]How Do You Get That Lonely- Blaine Larsen
[x]That's Love- Brad Paisley
[o]Little Moments- Brad Paisley
[x]Cowboy Up- Chris Ledoux
[o]Sick and Tired- Cross Canadian Ragweed
[x]Kissed A Drunk Girl- Something Corporate
[o]Beastmode- LiL boosie f/Thro Bac Boiz
[x]This Ones for the Girls- Martina McBride
[o]I'll Take That as a yes- Phil Vassar
[x]Rough and Ready- Trace Adkins
[o]Songs about Me- Trace Adkins

♥ Pictures ♥

Post a 100x100 picture in case you get accepted.

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