Name: Michael

Age: 15

Sex: M

How'd you find us? search

Where are you from? texas

Why do you think we should let you be part of this community? i like emo

Three things you like about yourself are:
+my music
+my hands
+my feet..

Three things you dislike about yourself are:
-my legs
-my toes
-my ear

Do you classify yourself as emo? sometimes mostly yes

Ten of your favorite bands are:
1) Taking Back Sunday
2) Keepsake
3) Senses fail
4) Metallica
5) Catch22
6) Coheed and cambria
7) Hawthorne Heights
8) MyChemicalRomance
9) WithBrokenWings
10) The used

What are your opinions on...

The word 'emo':

Bush: jackass

Hurting yourself / suicide: not so good

Abortion: not good

Gay Marriage: iffy

Your favorite band, why you like them, and a link to their website please. taking back sunday http://www.takingbacksunday.com/

Since this is an emo community.. answer the following...

Why are you emo?
the girl i love wants me to wait for her and i dont know how much longer i can wait...

What was your most emo moment? when i heard the song one season to late from keepsake

Submit 2 or more clear pictures of yourself. ...i dont have NE

Last of all, tell us a joke. We like to laugh.Guy walks into bar ask for 6 shots of vodka bartender asks whats up the guy says i just found out my youngest son is gay bartender is like oh right the next day same guy walks in ask for 6 shots of vodka bartender asks whats up now guy says i just found out my oldest son is bartender says oh ok next same guy walks in ask for 12 shots of vodka bartender says damn man isnt there anyone in your family who likes women and the guys says "yeah my wife"