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Name: Jeanne

Age: 16

Sex: Female

How'd you find us? I was searching people with emo music as an interest

Where are you from? South Africa

Why do you think we should let you be part of this community? Cause i have a love for emo music~

Three things you like about yourself are:
+ My eyes
+ My ankles
+ My friends

Three things you dislike about yourself are:
- My hair
- My tendency to procrastinate
- My legs

Do you classify yourself as emo? I don't, but other people do. I don't mind though, i like the emo community!

Ten of your favorite bands are:
1) dashboard confessional
2) hawthorne heights
3) senses fail
4) the juliana theory
5) fall out boy
6) story of the year
7) for this moment
8) taking back sunday
9) straylight run
10) hidden in plain view

What are your opinions on...

The word 'emo':
People think of it as a negative label, when it's just a way to describe a certain person's lifestyle. I think is describes how most people feel.

Bush: Asshole (i'm not even american)

Hurting yourself / suicide: If you do, it's for yourself. Sometimes you just need to "bleed to know that you're still alive"

Abortion: Depending on the nature of the case, like rape, it could be considered.

Gay Marriage: Gay people have an equal right to get married.

Your favorite band, why you like them, and a link to their website please.
Hawthorne Heights, awsome music that i can relate to. www.hawthorneheights.com

Since this is an emo community.. answer the following...

Why are you emo?
Because i feel pain when nobody else wants to.

What was your most emo moment? The first time i hurt myself.

Submit 2 or more clear pictures of yourself. It has been proven that only 1 in every 76 photos taken of me come out half descent... Go to my myspace if you want to see it!

Last of all, tell us a joke. We like to laugh. 
What do you call a nun on a bicycle...?
virgin active!
(sorry, i have an endless supply of extremely lame jokes!)

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