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Name: Rachel

Age: 16

Sex: Female

How'd you find us? Browsing for icons

Where are you from? U.K

Why do you think we should let you be part of this community? Its up to you not me

Three things you like about yourself are:
+ eyes
+ music taste
+ loyalty

Three things you dislike about yourself are:
- my body
- smoking
- lack of confidence

Do you classify yourself as emo? I don't really put myself into a label but if I had to then I guess it would have to be emo.

Ten of your favorite bands are:
1) dashboard confessional
2) the spill canvas
3) the early november
4) the get up kids
5) the appleesed cast
6) something corporate
7) dead poetic
8) senses fail
9) silverstein
10) this day and age

What are your opinions on...

The word 'emo':
A type of music, which is derived from early 80's hardcore. It combines hardcore with more melodic and experimental music. Fugazi is the easiest example of a band I can name that is considered to be "emo"

Bush: From what I've heard hes a dick but I don't live in America so coudln't say

Hurting yourself / suicide: I've done it. I do it occassionally. If its how someone drains out thier pain then thats fair enough.

Abortion: Depends on how the woman got pregnant. But overall I agree with it even though I have no idea if I would do it or not as I feel guilty for the slightest thing.

Gay Marriage: I'm for it. Don't need to explain why. If you hate homosexuals then I don't care. I'm me. End of.

Your favorite band, why you like them, and a link to their website please. Dashboard Confessional. Like them because after I heard the I fell in love with thier songs and still can't stop listening to them. Great lyrics.

Since this is an emo community.. answer the following...

Why are you emo?
Because I'm a depressed heartbroken loser who sits at home on a Saturday night listening to sad songs, drinking vodka, writing poetry, crying.

What was your most emo moment? Sitting alone in a park one night when it was raining heavily, drinking alcohol, looking up at the sky then thought of ther person I love and started crying.

Submit 2 or more clear pictures of yourself. I would but it would break your screen. I'm sure if you click my information and go onto my myspace you'll find pictures there.

Last of all, tell us a joke. We like to laugh.

How do you kill a blonde?
Place a mirror at the bottom of a swimming pool.
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