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__Fillitout Surveys

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community that members will post surveys in...you know you love them! Its something to do when you get really bored or just are in the mood fill out.
All posts must be FRIENDS ONLY. Posts will be moderated. But most will be posted when sent in as long as they are surveys and are friends only. No PROMOTION OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED IN HERE. Even if you post a survey that is friends only and it has a link to another community it will be rejected.
You must be a member of this community to be able to post anything.
If you take a survey and use it in your journal just leave a comment telling me you are using it so I know people are actually using them.
You are more than welcome to post a survey in here.
Feel free to leave comments with your answers to each of the surveys!
Please spread the word about this community and post this in your user info or even use it to credit __fillitout when you take a survey from us

Upon Joining this community, Livejournal may not show entries right away. Give it a little time and come back to the page, entries will start showing