Roe (roeita) wrote in __features,

Hey you all!!! First post!

First of all, I just want to say hello to everyone!

Now here is my question or dilemma whatever you call it,

I have oily skin, and it's prone to breakouts. Now, I started using Neutrogena's skin cleanser for fine lines, and acne, and my skin has improved greatly. I love it.
But, I was interested in using a new product.
I was wondering if someone could tell me which of these would be more beneficial.

I like wearing make-up, but sometimes I like to go all natural, and give my skin some space to breathe.

My first choice is MAC.
I'm also debating about proactiv, but it sounds boring, and i don't know if it really works,
and i was thinking about Physician's Formula, but i'm not sure at all about that one.

Thanks in advance for all of your help. :)

Oh, and my name is roe by the way, and i'm 22.
And i also want something that reduces the appearance of fine lines.
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