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I am Trying to build on my Mary Kay team. It is a fun and motivating way to make new friends and best of all $$$MONEY!
Everyone has an I-Story, here is mine....
I am a college student and I was taking to many credits to hold down a job....I didnt know what I was going to do! One of the girls that I worked with over the summer had been in mary kay for a while now. I had talked about it with her many times in the past but I never really listened to what she was saying. She always talked of how Mary Kay had changed her life and many others. I always thought it was just like everyother cosmetic company or sales company. so before I left that summer I attended a few marykay meetings. and guess what I really enjoyed them!that night I saw in the flesh the amount of women who have made it through mary kay and I heard all of there real life struggles. In the end Mary Kay helped them all get through there real life struggles! People join for many different reasons.....To Gain friends, to get products at half price, to make money and just to get out of the house but in the end we all get more out of mary kay then we intended to! I started Mary Kay for extra cash...but now because of mary kay I have gained not only money but life long friends...confidence...and so much more!Thank you marykay! Alycia D'Avino beauty consultant
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