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my submittal ;)

hi! i'm brand spanking new to lj. ;) excuse my dorkiness.

here is me application Application
My name is _Casey_.
I am _18_ years old.
I live in _Virginia_.
I have been snowboarding for _7_ seasons.
I usually snowboard at _(used to be Mt. Hood and Crystal Mtn)...(Now Wintergreen & Appalachian Ski Mtn)_.
I ride a _____morrow wildflower______ board.
I use ____drake_______ bindings and ___salomon___ boots.
I want to be sponsered by __morrow or ride (my home areas)__.
I've been to _____high cascade____ snowboard camp.
My ultimate favorite snowboarder is __Kalyn__ __Benaroya__. (She's cool, from P-town and I've ridden with her seasons back. -not like she really knows me well or anything- ;) Very cool person.)
The sweetest trick i can do is ____corked 720____.
My favorite area of snowboarding is __fresh back country__.
My strongest ares of snowboarding is __freestyle__.
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