rome_boarder88 (rome_boarder88) wrote in __fearless,

hey hey

My name is ____Jocellyn_______.
I am __14___ years old.
I live in _____Maine_____.
I have been snowboarding for _2 seasons..did snowboard my first though (sadly)__ seasons.
I usually snowboard at _____Lost valley (tiny but everyone knows everyone) and sunday river_____.
I ride a ________Rome artifact 150______ board.
I use _____freestyle______ bindings and ____freestlye______ boots. (gettings lexa bindings and new boots this season. woo hoo)
I want to be sponsered by _____Rome, burton, anythign!!______.
I've been to _____zero..hopefully windells sometime this season!____ snowboard camp.
My ultimate favorite snowboarder is ___aunnti autti (prob. spelt wrong)_____ __________.
The sweetest trick i can do is _____um..360 spins down the hill. not to hard but they look frigin cool_______.
My favorite area of snowboarding is ____all mountain. i love it all..want to try street soon_______.
My strongest ares of snowboarding is _____racing_____.
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