Alysssssssssssssssssa (alyssasalvo) wrote in __fearless,


i just found this so sad that this season is almost over with...but i get to go boarding tomorrow night. yesssss!


My name is _Alyssa___.
I am __16___ years old.
I live in ___New York_______.
I have been snowboarding for __4_ seasons.
I usually snowboard at _____jiminey peak_____.
I ride a ______ride solace (142)________ board.
I use ____ride LX_______ bindings and ____LTD______ boots.
I want to be sponsered by ___________.
I've been to _________ snowboard camp.
My ultimate favorite snowboarder is ____Shawn White_____.
The sweetest trick i can do is _____probably a 50/50  on a pipe or box_______.
My favorite area of snowboarding is ___hitting up the box_.
My strongest area of snowboarding is __carving________.

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