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Hey everyone...

Hi Ladies... I'm new here and I love to hear about other girls who like to ride. Im so sick of being on the Mountain and getting "attitude" from other girls who ride.. so Im here to meet some cool ladies who share the same love of snowboarding that I do!


My name is Laura

I am 20 years old

I live in Boston MA

I have been snowboarding for: this is my second season

I usually snowboard at Mt. Snow / Killington / Waterville Valley

I ride a Burton Troop 151

I use Burton SI boots and bindings.. I equally love and hate them- I want to buy stilettos for next season

I want to be sponsered by Roxy or Burton

I've been to no snowboarding camp yet- but I would love to go to the Roxy one

My ultimate favorite snowboarder is Tara for sure

The sweetest trick i can do is: Im still a beginner, but this weekend I learned how to go over a jump and land without busting my ass.. so that has me excited at the moment.

My favorite area of snowboarding is: i like the looooong trails, even though they kill your calfs

My strongest ares of snowboarding is: just general riding
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