January 16th, 2005

ugghhh na na na na.

(no subject)

My name is __Stacey_________.
I am __18___ years old.
I live in _South Lake Tahoe/Berkeley_________.
I have been snowboarding for _5__ seasons.
I usually snowboard at _Northstar, Kirkwood or Alpine_________.
I ride a __Burton Troop 151 and Dominant 146____________ board.
I use ___Burton p1md________ bindings and __burton supreme________ boots.
I want to be sponsored by ___burton, electric and milosport________.
I've been to _0 (i am going this summer)________ snowboard camp.
My ultimate favorite snowboarder is ____brendon drury____ __________.
The sweetest trick i can do is __hard question__________.
My favorite area of snowboarding is __everything_________.
My strongest area of snowboarding is __rails________.
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