helmet or no?

so i'm thinking..i don't really need a helmet this season..when it's my first official season right? i won't be going off any jumps, just because yeah not for me just yet.
and even if i do go off rails it won't be until the veryyyy end of the season..so?
do you think i need to buy a helmet?
or no?
ugghhh na na na na.

(no subject)

My name is __Stacey_________.
I am __18___ years old.
I live in _South Lake Tahoe/Berkeley_________.
I have been snowboarding for _5__ seasons.
I usually snowboard at _Northstar, Kirkwood or Alpine_________.
I ride a __Burton Troop 151 and Dominant 146____________ board.
I use ___Burton p1md________ bindings and __burton supreme________ boots.
I want to be sponsored by ___burton, electric and milosport________.
I've been to _0 (i am going this summer)________ snowboard camp.
My ultimate favorite snowboarder is ____brendon drury____ __________.
The sweetest trick i can do is __hard question__________.
My favorite area of snowboarding is __everything_________.
My strongest area of snowboarding is __rails________.
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much needed answers

ok, so the plan was i'm going to aspen next year ('06) for spring break.
and i just got the school year schedule in the mail for next year, and crap.
so my spring break isn't in march anymore it's in april but before the 20th.
is aspen still open in april for boarding?
cause i'll be seriously depressed if i can't go
and if not,
what about park city?