This book is simply amazing... I know most people in this community already have a sense of style and all the basics but going through this book was soooooooooo much fun and it was easy to go hey I need a 64' bag! This size is exagerating but you get the point. Well the whole point is , if you have never heard or read this book don't walk run to the book store to pick it up. It's be Melissa de la Cruz and Karen Robinovitz who also wrote HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS IN TWO WEEKS OR LESS which was also delicious. Cover is pink and has a woman's leg in fisthnet in black slingback with a burgundy tie up the leg! Let me know what you think if you've already read it or after you read it.
Fashion Riot

Fashion Riot Is Here!

Fashion Riot

Fashion riot is finally here! This is a place where you can find trendy products of major brands like Bathing Ape, Adidas, Nike, BBC, RMC and many more. What you do not see in the site may not mean they are not for sale at all. We will always welcome orders out of the catalogue, but preferbly in larger quantities and photos of requested design provided. If you are looking for the trendiest brands, this is a place not to be missed.

Come take a look HERE
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I just randomly found you guys... this is great... because I need help!!! I have a burnt orange dress dress and have no idea what t ype of shoes to wear! People keep telling me white or black but I think the contrast makes the dress seem too bright so I'd like to try a neutral color but I'm not sure... what do you think?

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Hey, I was just wondering about how to keep loose powder eyeshadows on. I have these ones by Annabelle and they're very sparkly, very awesome...but dont really stay on and I'm pretty sure it's because the loose powder gets...well...loose, lol. So any hints, ideas, help about how to make it stay?
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Hey ya'll! I'm new in here and i just wanted to ask some questions...

1. What kind of skirt/pants (besides jeans) can i wear my cowboy boots with? If you have pictures of the things you're talking about-that'd be awesome!
2. Whats the best kind of jeans to tuck into my boots? Because all mine seem to bunch up a lot!
(my boots are a lighter brown color and kind of "rugged" looking because they're old!)


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Hey, so I want a new hairstyle. Mine's so long and boring and blaaaaaaah.

Dunno if I want to dye it, if I do though, what colours do you think I could get away with. I'm a natural dark blonde but dyed it auburn and I always get told it looks natural.

See me here:


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1. Social Butterfly (adj.):
A word/title that is usually used to describe someone that is popular. Often times those people are friendly or pretty, but it is not always the case. It is not always used to describe popularity alone, it could also be describing someone who is friendly to strangers. Typically a word used to describe females.

Are you a social butterfly?

hi im new =)

i have a hard time putting on eye make up and it looking good. like the only thing i can do with eye make up is lashes and eyeliner on the bottom, i cant really put it on the top. so my question is, can you give me some good tips about putting on eye liner on your eye lid and it being alle ven and nice and what colors would look good in dark brown eyes?? thanks =)