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Hi, guys,
I'm new here, but I wanted to start off by saying how much I like this community already. It's really a great idea and the people are so warm and knowledgeable.
So, onto my topic. I'm selling a Bath and Body Works purse on eBay that I don't really want to let go of anymore... and I don't want it to fall into the wrong hands because I really like it. If any of you are interested, here's the link. It's at $3.50 right now, which is crazy low.

me and josh

Help me find a leather jacket?

Maybe some of you shopping savvy people can help me. I'm looking for a distressed brown leather jacket, preferably a bit feminine, and within the $300 range. I've been looking for this jacket for like 3 years with no luck. Department stores only seem to carry shiny brown leather jackets (too hiphop for me, thx), or boring black ones.

American Eagle currently has one in a kind of bomber jacket style with a fur collar. I was all excited about it as it looked cute on the website, but the minute I saw it in the store, I thought "ugh, no way." It looks like a costume or cheap, something is just wrong with it. The fit is like a garbage bag. It looks nothing like the website pic.

Abercrombie also had a leather jacket through the Ezra Fitch line this fall. However, it is now completely gone from the website. I also never saw it in the stores. It was on the website for only a few weeks!

Do any of you know of some places I could try looking? Any websites, etc? I've seriously looked everywhere. Bananarepublic has a leather jacket in its Fall line, but its so ridiculously cropped; it's more fashion than jacket.

Any help appreciated :)
me and josh

Abercrombie's Ezra Fitch Flares + Pants for sale

Ezra Fitch is the new high-end line by Abercrombie & Fitch. I recently lost a bit of weight, so I'm looking to sell these two pairs of pants. Neither of them have ever been worn, but they do not have the paper tags. Actually, I think I have the cloth Ezra Fitch Flare tag still for the jeans, so I will include that.

First is a pair of Ezra Fitch flare jeans. They are a size 29, or equivalent to a size 6 at A&F. A&F.com says that the Ezra 29 is equivalent to a size 8, but I used to fit into size 6 at A&F no problem, so I'd say they're a size 6-8. All of the buttons say Ezra Fitch and the back pockets have hand-sewn embroidery in orange thread. They are 100% cotton and no longer available on Abercrombie.com, though they are still found in some stores. They retail for $148.00.

Next I have a pair of Ezra Fitch khaki pants that are 2% stretch. They have awesome stiching detail and are a size 30, which is equivalent to an A&F size 8. These retailed for $88.00 at Abercrombie last winter.

The back has a tiny metal Ezra Fitch tag sewn onto the pocket, and all of the buttons say Ezra Fitch.

I accept Paypal, checks, or money orders. I ship Priority 2-3 day: $7.00 for one pair or $12.00 for both.

I'm looking to receive $40 per pair, but I'd sell both together for $60.00 + shipping. Please email solarith@gmail.com. Thanks.