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Welcome! Please read the rules, join, and friend us!

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alluringheart - Tosha - Owner, Maintainer, Poster
Music Taste: Hip-Hop (Mariah, 50-Cent, Eminem etc), pop-folk (Jason Mraz, Joss Stone, Jack Johnson), and much more. Join to see!

barely - Jolie - Maintainer, Poster (she's on a VERY slow dial-up connection, so please give her time)
Music Taste: Rock, Punk, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal pretty much anything but country and hip hop or rap. And if you couldn't notice, Tosha and I have two very different types in music, so hopefully there are some of you that will appriciate my type of music, which I havn't ran into many at all on LJ.

Please follow our rules, and we'll do what we can to get you new, old, and WONDERFUL music.

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o1. If you join this community, and friend us, you're agreeing to ALL of the rules, including commenting EVERY single time you download something from us.
o2. for now, only alluringheart and barely are posting. I may decide to give temporary access to members to post, but that's probably a negative.
o3. Our request posts will be posted, you can find them in the sidebar, and please follow the rules of each of us. Be generous.
o4. We reserve the right to ban/remove anyone that is causing trouble, drama or just pissing us the eff off!
o5. Please put a button in your info/promote. (see below)
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upload to your own server, please.

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WARNING: The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. What you do with the music you collect here is your own responsiblity. We're sharing music with intention that you preview songs here, then go out and purchase the albums.