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discussing fantasy cultures & races

for fantasy writers and/or readers

for those who read and/or write fantasy novels.
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(created & maintained by belenen -- contact me by dropping a comment in my journal or emailing my livejournal email address. Also moderated by phrankenstyne, feel free to contact him as well.)

Do you find yourself fascinated by the non-human cultures found in fantasy novels? Do you create your own races/worlds?

This community was designed for sharing thoughts on fantasy cultures and races. Please share your own creations -- tell about your races, humanoid or not; tell about your cultures; and give other creators feedback on their creatures. Feel free to discuss another author's creation, or mythological creatures like dragons and fae. This is not primarily a story-sharing community, but feel free to share that too. Naturally, all criticism must be constructive.

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And some useful links (I'll be adding to this list):
elements to consider when creating a fantasy world

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