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hello, I am new to lj, and just starting to learn how things work around here.
I enjoyed Harry Potter, philip pullman's golden compass books, lewis carroll's alice in wonderland, Stephen King's dark tower series, that was epic.
I just recently finished The unicorn chronicles by bruce conville, and I really loved them.
I came upon the first book when i was 11 or 12yrs. old. I'm now 26. A few months ago I was bored and looked up the author to see if he ever wrote more and decided to check them out for kicks.
I was surprised to find that even though I enjoyed the first book as a kid, I was still able to get into them. Sure there were some things that stood out as being novels geared towards a younger crowd, but overall the writting was very well done.
For any authors out there, please don't judge me by my poor spelling and grammar... :P

I am always trying to find good fantasy books to read, I like all kinds of fiction, but I find good fantasy can be hard to find.
:) bye for now

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