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Introducing myself

 Hello everyone it's nice to meet you

Name: Mikey/Phib
Age: 20
favorite fantasy author: Phillip Pullman, Markus Sedgewick, Lewis Carroll, Frank Herbert, Gene Woolfe
favorite fantasy novel: The Dune series, the Gormengahst Trilogy, the Abhorsen series
favorite fantasy creature: Fairies, of all shapes and sizes, but mostly the traditional folktale kind, who steal away children and lead people to their deaths :)
...and share a random something: ummmm, my favourite flavour of crisps is salt and vinegar, and I think bineweed is pretty, despite the fact that it kills all the other plants in the garden.

It's nice to meet you all and I hope that I get a chance to read alot of fiction as well as share ideas 

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