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Recs and a guilty pimp

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Mar. 3rd, 2010 | 05:31 pm
posted by: shibatsu_mage in __fantasynovel

Hey all, it's been ages since I posted here. ^^; Two things. First, I'm trying to build a summer reading list before grad school, and would like ideas for things to put on it. I'm a huge Neil Gaiman fan, and also enjoy the works of Terry Pratchett, John Connelly's Book of Lost Things, Murakami Haruki, and Diana Wynne Jones, to name a few. I like both adult and YA fantasy provided it's well written, and I'm big on originality and characterization.

Second, I have a community for my WiP, Lavender, and would love a few new readers to tell me what they think. Only two chapters are up so far, though I've completed eighteen. It is an SF/fantasy blend, set in an alternative future, and the jacket blurb would probably be something like:

Born an experiment but living a life of failure, Surano is forced to flee the only home she's ever known. She is ignorant to the true state of the world Outside, a world plagued with terrorism and beasts returned from mankind's ancient past, and she has only one clue as to where she might be safe: south. Joined and protected by Atke, a boy halfheartedly seeking revenge for his parents' murder, Surano changes her name and begins her journey. But what she gains along the way -- friends, knowledge, and a new identity -- may not be enough to save her from her first life... nor, indeed, her current one.

If you're interested, you can join the community and read the finalized chapters, or just scroll down and read an earlier version of the first chapter (which kind of sucks, but reminds me how far I've come).

Thanks to everyone in advance. :)

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from: caile
date: Mar. 4th, 2010 03:31 pm (UTC)

Since we seem to share a lot of favourites I'll rec Lois McMaster Bujold's fantasy stuff. There's The Curse of Chalion and a couple of other novels in the same interesting world. I also love her Sharing Knife series, very character driven. Her sci-fi stuff is great, too.

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