christa_wolf90 (christa_wolf90) wrote in __fantasynovel,

Entering a Contest

Hi, everybody. I'll get right to the catch. I've entered my novel Wind Witch into the LeapFrog Writing Contest. First prize is a publishing contract (not in this lifetime), finalists get $150, and semi-finalists get a temporary spot on the LeapFrog website. I entered it last month, and they closed the boxes on May 1st. I'm lucky if I can even be a finalist, let alone get that easy path to a contract. Either way, I've still got butterflies. There's a good chance I'm the youngest participant in that contest, and I'm probably up against people who've been doing this five, ten, twenty years. Me? I started *counts fingers* a year and a half ago. But yeah? I'd rather enter and lose than not enter and lose the slim chance of a win.

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