Blood of Winter (blood_of_winter) wrote in __fantasynovel,
Blood of Winter

Reading recommendation

If you like Lovecraftian inspired (but not imitative) stories or darker short fantasy, then I would like to recommend the following book of collected early fiction.

My good friend, entrepreneur and Renaissance man extraordinaire, Everett Warren has a book of short stories, Cautionary Fables: Warts & All on sale HERE ON LULU.

from the site:
Being a collection of words arranged in various orders and patterns, set in place over the last decade or so of the twentieth century, and including such diverse subject matter as bikers and cats; demons and dragons; electric chairs and historians; madmen and monks; portals and priests; serial killers, sorcerers, and story-tellers. There are no toads, nor frogs for that matter, but there are warts enough amongst these early works of short fiction and other miscellanea, and, beyond that, there are warts enough on a certain goblin skulking about...

As you can see, Mr. Warren has a very distinctive, eloquent style. His stories most influenced by Lovecraft, especially Lovecraft's The Dream Cycle of Unknown Kadath, bear not Lovecraft's often verbose and sometimes obtuse language or his sexist and racist leanings, but rather the wild imaginative style and world building which has inspired so many modern day writers. The other pieces of short fiction showcase Mr. Warren's own creativity and love of language - the flow of words and ideas, even when told by a madman (or savior) at the apocalypse, draws the reader into the heady, romantic worlds built upon the page.
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