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1//: Please make sure you are a fan of Family Guy
This is a Community for fans of Family Guy. If you join it might help that you are infact a fan of it.

2//: Please, No Hate.
We would much rather not have homophobics,racists,sexists, or hate against any group of people in this group. It is here to celebrate a love of Family Guy not to spread hate.

3//: Please only post things relating to Family Guy.
Although we do find that huge bug you crushed today quite an intresting story, this is a Family Guy community and we would like it to stay one.

4//: Please post large pictures/large groups of pictures/large groups of information behing lj cuts
This is ofcourse simply to reduce flooding of friends pages.

5//: Introductory Posts are not only welcome but encouraged
Even if you have no pictures to show just tell us your family guy story. Unless it's huge.Then hide it behind an lj-cut.lj-cuts are your friend.

6//: Make sure the lemon's and the pancakes get along.
Basically respect eachothers opinions darlings. Cause it's a crazy vicious cycle. And Vicious cycles aren't fun.

7//: No Claims.
This is not a claiming community. Not anymore not since the last time that giant chicken told us to.

// We are always accepting affiliates.

//: fg_icons [A Family Guy Icons Community]

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