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I've noticed a lot of request commmunities out there that don't fufill hardly any requests, so here's one where we update at least every other day. I'm everclearbabe your monitor and I specialize in icons, though I can do Friends Only banners as well. If your able to make nice icons (especially animated ones) or good at making layouts please leave a comment here or on my personal journal and maybe we can workout a joint thing.

Here are the rules:
- anyone may post/reply to requests
- please be kind to everyone, especially icon makers. They're very time consuming to make, so if you don't like, say so in the nicest way possible.
- please don't hassle us. If it's been a really long time since you've requested something and no one has gotten back to you yet, leave a comment on my journal or something, but don't keep reposting the same request.
- Credit all users unless stated otherwise (tutorial on crediting here
- If you are posting a large picture or something use an lj cut (tutorial on lj cuts here
- I allow mild nudity and language, but if I find something overly offensive I reserve the right to delete it.
- I, everclearbabe, am currently the only moditor here. If you have a problem, ask me.