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Hi, I haven't foudn any icons of them anywhere, not on Photobucket, Google Image, NOWHERE, so I was hoping someone could make me a icon for LJ that has the members of Rage Against The Machine on it. Or if you can't find a small image, the cover to their album The Battle of Los Angeles.

Any help would be appreciated, because I suck at icon making!
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Hello! I'm new here. I'm just looking to see if anyone can make me a really nice icon  
with this picture -----------------------------

But mostly just a close up of my girls.

Something nice about Sisterly Love.


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Come get some!

Hello, I would like to request a 100x100 animated gif icon for LJ. Neo taunting Agent Smith after he dusts himself off. You know, just the whole hand motion thing. "Come get some!"

hi im new and

im looking for bannnnnneeeerrrrs

one of flyleaf, one of paramore, and one of lacey mosley and hayley williams. maybe that says 'my idols' on it?

im excited to be in this community and youll be seeing alot of me!


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i was wondering if anyone if anyone could make me some icons of nora tilley
if you want to , then please e-mail me ( and I'll send you some
pictures and quotes you can use

please do this for me
it's for a friend's birthday and i'm no good at makin' icons :(
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