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__eyecandy's Journal

Is YOUR journal great to look at?
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All Members , Moderated

NOTE: There has been a slight change to the rules. PLEASE read them. This change is indicated in the first paragraph of the "Layout" section and the section below this little message. THANKS!

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DELETE YOUR APPLICATION FOR ANY REASON YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATLEY BANNED. Please speak to a mod if you have any questions or concerns. If you must, ask for an early stamp, though we do not like doing that too often. But again, if you delete your post for any reason, you WILL be immediatley banned!!

Also: you're NOT allowed to apply with multiple accounts, if you'd like to ask for opinions regarding specific layouts that you either made for somebody or for your test journal or any other kind of journal that you own, please apply with your main account and then you will be able to post (if you end up being accepted, otherwise you will have to wait) and ask for opinions. Whoever is caught doing otherwise will get immediately BANNED.

__eyecandy is a journal rating community. We judge based on the look of your journal, including the following things:

l Graphics: Are the images used in your layout, if any, of good quality? Has it been edited, and if so is the editing any good?

l Colours: Does the layout feature a colour scheme that looks good? Do the colours go together or do they clash horribly? Do they match any graphics which may also be used in the layout?

l Navigation: Are there obvious links to things such as user info, calendar, etc? Are they made creatively or are they default?

l Originality: Is the layout unique? Did the applicant make the layout themselves? Are there a lot of similar looking layouts to the applicant's on livejournal?

l The layout setup: Is everything well balanced? Are there any horizontal scrollbars? Are the entry boxes aligned with each other, or are they all over the place?

l Overall design: does the layout look good overall?

So that we know you have read the rules, please post our assigned sentence into the subject line. This sentence is somewhere in the rules. Please read them!

You DO NOT have to have a paid account to be accepted. If you only have a simple generator with smaller boxes aligned to any side and a background plastered in there don't even bother applying, as you have what is considered a *default layout*!

Do not change your layout until you have been stamped! Doing this will result in rejection and possibly being banned. And you will get this stamp!

In your layout, you may use graphics found on other websites, as well as override codes. The images have to be your work, just like your layout. By saying this, I mean that it's okay to get any google image (for example) as long as you have edited it yourself. This applies to headers, bg images, friends banners, etc. Mood themes and icons are not a requirement of the layout, although they should be credited to the original makers. DO NOT right click on someone's layout and copy their HTML or steal their images. If you can't be a little bit original, we do not want you here. Please remember to credit for brushes / patterns / artwork or you will be banned!

This is not a layout help community!! If you are already accepted, asking for tips is ok. But if you are not accepted, DO NOT ASK. This is a Rating Community. If you need help with codes you can always visit: overridehelp, everything_lj, ljdesigners or howto

Once you have applied, you will then be given a rating. These will range from A+ to F as follows:

l A: These will be given rarely. Your journal will feature a fantastic layout with no flaws. It will really be eyecandy.

l B: A 'B' rating suggests that your journal looks great! Perhaps there are just one or two minor things that could be improved. Be very pleased with this rating if you get one.

l C: If you get a C, your journal looks good, but not great. There are 3-5 things that could be better.

l D: A 'D' rating means you need to put a lot more work into your journal. Chances are, it's a free layout.

l F: If you get an F, you might actually be banned. You will not be able to reapply because no journal should look as bad as that.

After you have received fifteen votes, you will be given a final rating. You must get at least a C+ (increased from C/C- to C+ on 7/17/04) rating to be accepted. If you get a C or lower for your final rating, you may reapply. However, if you get a final rating of F the second time, you will be banned or not allowed to reapply again. You may reapply as many times as you want, just as long as your final grade average is not an F!

If you haven't received your final rating after three days, leave a comment on one of the mod's journals. However, please realize that we have lives outside of this community and rating you is not our number one priority.

Fill out the application form below. Just copy it as it is, the tags are bolded already since it's easier to read it that way. Don't write the answers inside the bold tags, there won't be a difference between answers & questions if you do that, duh. While you are applying, do not post outside your application or you will be banned - only accepted members are allowed to post or comment in the community!

<b>Your name:</b>
<b>Your age:</b>
<b>Your location:</b>
<b>How you found this community:</b>
<b>Promote our community to one other person or community. Show the link here:</b>
<b>Why do you want to be a part of this community?:</b>
<b>What resolution should your journal be viewed in?:</b>
<b>Is your layout compatible with any other browser besides IE? (if you don't know, say as much.):</b>
<b>Do you have a paid account or a free account?:</b>

You MUST promote our community to another person or community on Livejournal. Please show us the DIRECT link so we don't have to search through a journal for your promotion. Please refrain from frivolously commenting in random journals. If you are promoting to a community, use an advertising community or a community in which you have permission to post an ad. Thanks!

All questions MUST be answered for the application to be considered. You MUST apply as soon as you join. We do NOT want idle members.

Because people lack common sense: Do NOT steal someone else's code(s)! Do NOT copy someone else's layout! Get all the inspiration you want from others, but DO YOUR OWN DAMN WORK, or you will be immediately banned. And yes, we WILL find out!

**Please put "My layout is NOT default!" into the subject line so that: 1)We know you read the rules; and 2)You have acknowledged that your layout is not default. An explanation of a default layout located at the beginning of the rules.

If you are accepted, you will receive a stamp which should be placed in your profile (save it to your own server, please!). After being accepted, you will be able to rate applications that have been submitted.

CLICK HERE to view the accepted members!

Be active. If you don't plan on regularly voting, don't join. If you won't be able to vote because you're going away or won't have internet access, let one of the mods know or make a post about it and you will be excused for the time you are away. Any member who does not vote at least once a week will be removed and will have to reapply if they want to rejoin.

Accepted members may judge however they wish, however it is preferred that you be objective. Try not to put people down, however this community is about giving honest ratings so use as much constructive criticism as possible.


If you are rejected, you may reapply if you receive a final rating of anything except F. If you receive a rating of F, you may be banned. Trust us, you'll be saving yourself the embarrassment!

Don't be rude to the judges. Remember, you were the one who applied to have your journal rated. If you can't handle a couple of truthful comments, don't apply. You might think your journal is wonderful, but not everyone is going to feel the same as you are. If you were rejected it obviously isn't as good as you think it is.

When rejected, please wait 48 hours before re-applying. Posting application after application does no one any good.


Please promote this community! Here is our link button. You may upload it to your own server and put it in your user info. DO NOT DIRECT LINK, DAMMIT!. A link in your userinfo will make us happy too, though.


Our lovely mods, and their contact info. You may also comment in our journals, of course. And please understand that we are all very busy but we will get back to you as soon as we can!! Promise! And PLEASE don't come to us for every little things. Act like adults. And also, we will NOT give opinions on your layout; nor will we help you make layouts. You will be kicked in the crotch if you even dare ask ;)

aim: devynci
email: blumchen@livejournal.com

aim: GwenLister
email: gwenlister@livejournal.com

aim: The Octopussoir
email: theonlykow@livejournal.com