Kellie (eyecandy00015) wrote in __exquisite__,

Point system.

When doing the point system, put your entry or whatever under an lj cut!!!
Make your Subject Title the category that you chose. Make your LJ cut title what is under your cut.

Subject title: Beauty tips
Lj Cut title: Face masks.

Point system link is all the way at the bottom on the user info. It will link you back to this entry so you dont have to search through and look.

Action Point amount

Promoting (every link): 5 points
Competing in the theme: 15 points
Posting a text only entry(not just a sentence either): 5 points
Posting an antry with pictures(5 min): 10 points
Getting someone to join: 30 points
Winning the theme: 30 points
Suggestions to better the community: 10 points
Posting beauty tips (no doubles): 15 points
Posting health tips (no doubles): 15 points
Posting new trends (why you like it/ dont): 15 points
Commenting when comments are asked: 5 points
Honorable duties(determined by MODS) 20 points

Up to 5 text onlys will count for points(per month).
Up to 5 picture posts will count for points(per month).
Once every week a beauty post will count for points.
Once every week a health post will count for points.
If you go over the amount for these selected ones, you will not recieve points.

ALTHOUGH THESE ARE MADE TO INFLUENCE PARTICIPATION IN THE COMMUNITY, I DO NOT WANT YOU GUYS FLOODING THE SITE WITH ENTRIES. If you think something is cool, by all means post it, but note most entries will be deleted without notice after they are no longer recieving feedback.

Rules subject to change at any moment.
Point system will not start until after exams I can almost gaurantee it

Any questions or suggestions COMMENT ON THIS ENTRY ONLY.
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