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bicthes love me

before you start;
x. a link to the community that you promoted us to:

basic shit;

x. name: Becca
x. age: 15
x. location: Pa
x. gender: Female

let's learn some more;

x. 5 or more favorite bands: Fear Before the March of Flames, Every Time I Die, Funeral for a Friend, A Static Lullaby, Underoath, Norma Jean, Atreyu, Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassjaw.
x. 5 or more favorite movies: 10 Things I Hate about You, Donnie Darko, Thirteen, Monty Python, Requiem for a Dream.
x. vegetarian/vegan/meat eater: I only eat chicken.
x. any body modifications: no.
x. special talent(s): I have a special talent, although it’s somewhat embarrassing. Some people can burp on command, well, I can fart on command. But, I assure you, I don’t use it to my advantage. We’ve decided to name my gift, ‘rapid fire’. Haha.
x. your definition of bitch: If you’re lying, and being mean then you’re a bicth. If you’re telling the truth, it’s all good.
x. where did you hear about us: Someone commented in my journal.
x. favorite non-lyric quote: “Consequence always has something to scream.”
x. favorite insult: “Dude, I got sooo much pussy last night…”
Response: “You are what you eat.”

show us how opinionated you REALLY are; (explain yourself)

x. how do you feel about abortion: I’m pro-life, but I understand that some people aren’t. Personally, I could never take a baby out of this world, even if I was raped. One of my big issues is if they make abortion legal I wouldn’t it to be used as a form of birth control. If you’re not ready to have kids, then don’t have sex at all, or have safe sex. I could see them stretching the lines if (and only if) the mother was at risk of dying because of the baby.
x. George w. bush: I really don’t care about George W. I used to on online and read articles about him, and the government but it’s become such a trend to hate him now, I just don’t give a fuck.
x. war: War fine but is only appropriate when it is necessary.
x. reality tv: In general, it’s completely ridiculous but every once in a wile you’ll watch a show that’s entertaining. As much as I hate reality TV I do watch it from time to time, and that’s the whole point, to entertain people.
x. racism: Racism is stupid. I was talking to one of my teachers a wile back and he was telling me about “reverse racism”. Apparently is numerous colleges they give minorities 10 extra point on their entrance exams. So, if a Caucasian man gets a 95 and a ‘minority’ get an 86, he’ll get in because he gets a automatic 10 point bonus. I think that that is ridiculous. As cliché as it sounds they should treat everyone equal instead of giving minorities extra benefits.
x. gay marriage: I have nothing against it, if you want to get married, then get married.
x. sex before marriage: I don’t have a problem with monogamous sex, even if it is before marriage. If you’re with someone, and you know you’ll be with them for a long time (even if its not forever) and you want to take that step, then more power to you. Personally, I’d rather wait until I married because you’re first time have sex doesn’t seem like it’s all that great, so I want to wait for that special person (yeah, I know I’m being cliché again.)
x. drugs/alcohol: I hate drugs and alcohol and all that jazz. If you tell me you’re going to do something, I’ll tell you you’re a fucktard and you shouldn’t do it, if you don’t listen I’ll leave it at that.

Your face is a motherfucking rape scene;

x. 3+ clear pictures of your face.

<img src="
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