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Things that go bump in the night

And the things that bump back

A Modern Day Vampire RPG
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For centuries, creatures of the dark have existed along side mankind. And for centuries, these creatures have suffered through prejudice and prosecution.

These discriminations still exist, to this day.

Set in modern day New York, we find the city bustling and as busy as ever. However, unbeknownst to most of the city dwellers, they are not alone.

Hiding in the shadows, creatures of blood and moonlight lurk among the human race. Doing what they need to survive, these creatures - vampires, lycans, demons, and others like them - own the dark streets at night.

Don't get them wrong. They do what they need to do to survive. They do what has to be done to keep themselves safe and walking.

Well, not them. Us.

Welcome to New York's underground. Welcome to the nightdwellers, welcome to the deep rooted evil the humans like to say doesn't exist, which is to our benefit as we pick them off one by one.

But there some of us who deny our instinct to feed. There are some of us who spread bad word about another race, there are wars and love just like there are during the day crowd. There are even a select few who find a place among the humans, though this rarely works to anyone's advantage.

Even so, we are more organized, more reasoned. We, the night walkers are, to state it simply, more advanced. We are the next evolution. And we have plans.

To audition, fil out this form.

But the only way to find this out is to join us.

When an audition is posted, it will be voted on to determine whether or not the character will be excepted.

Voting Staff:

But of course, we have rules to society as well. Please:
-Pure breds are better than hybrids, but for now, hybrids are allowed.
-No Godmoding
-No Powerplaying
-No book/movie characters. No Lestats, Mariuses, Pandoras, Selenes. Your character may mirror a character in a book or movie, but please, do not take the exact name of the character.
-You may play vampires, lycans, demons, slayers, humans, or your own creation, providing that it's approved by the mods.
-To be a part of this RPG, you must be willing to work with other members on plot ideas.
-Be creative!

1. Preferred turning process: A vampire must drain a human of almost all blood, and then the human must drink the vampire's blood. That done, the human dies and awakes as a vampire.

2. Vampires must never drink the last drop of blood from their kill.

3. Vampires must never drink 'dead' blood.

4. Coffins, garlic, crufixes, holy water, stake through the heart are all myths and rumors. Though stakes through hearts would kill any creature, living or dead, it's not a well known method.

5. Sunlight will kill a vampire. No exceptions.

6. You may not make your vampire able to walk in sunlight. If that ever does happen, it will be a major plot point in which the entire RPG will be involved in.

7. No, vampires do not turn into bats and nor can they fly.

1. Preferred turning process: If a human is bitten by a lycan and not killed, they then become a lycan themselves. However, if they are killed, they're dead. Simple as that.

2. Lycans must turn during the full moon. They cannot control it during that time of the month.

3. However, lycans can control the changing any other time, providing that the moon is not full.

1. No lycan/vampire hybrids.

2. No 'almighty' hybrids.

3. Make sure that your hybrid is believable.