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Well, I am glad to have been accepted into the fold around here, and look forward to throwing around soe fun RP with you folks. I just made my first post this afternoon, so I look forward to getting started. Hope things are going well for one and all, and I hope that Bryn will see you around. :-)

Edit: It may seem a b it early, but I got bored this weekend and so worked up another character. I just posted his audition in the comments. His background and abilities are a bit complicated and probably need some work, so feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I just got approved today so I look forward to many a nights lost in rp hopefully. I am new so I am always open to and appreciative of any advice, as well as just general responses. Thank you for letting me join the community. AIM is in my application info, but since it seems to be the norm, you can add me as feurety.

Thank you!

IC in a way. I wouldn't ever say this. he would!

Oh! Since you've all been so wonderful to post your AIM, I think I'll be such a follower and post it too!


There's a place for it in my profile.

HOLY SHIT. *gasp!* A place! For your AIM! IN YOUR PROFILE! What an amazing concept!

Ya'll obviously know where to look, then.

Good. I'm glad you're not stupid.
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Since I've already gone and added several people to my AIM list, I figure I should offer my ID: leighgion.

I'm not really one for RP'ing over the IM as I find the interface clunky for anything but very short messages, but feel free to buzz me for anything else.
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Just a quickie to say "Hi, I'm new here"!

Also I've very recently signed up to AIM - I'm still figuring out how to properly use the damn thing :)
But if anyone wants to chat about plots, RP, or just to find out if I'm around to RP on LJ my username is: veldagia.

OOC: Hey

Hey I am new here. My name is Alex. I just wanted to say hi. If anyone would like to chat or role play my AIM name is AengusEttes.

Glade to be here and look forward to role playing with everyone.


Hi guys, I'm new here. I need some character interaction over here so check my journal and if the mood calls to you, leave a comment im game!