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Real name & age: April, 24

AIM/Yahoo: fatal insurgence


Experience: 9 years of tabletop games (D&D, VtM, GURPS), 6 years of online role-play

Where did you find out about us?: Roleplayer's Community Live Journal

Character name & age: Alexis Scott, 25

Species: Human

Character background:For anyone to truly understand the history and behaviorism of any of the Scott women they would first have to understand the gift/curse that has been passed down from mother to eldest daughter for the last nine generations. It all began during the 1500's when one Elizabeth Scott was burned at the stake for the crime of witchcraft. The story passed down is that Elizabeth had made a pact with the devil (Through Alexis' studies she has determined it could vary well have been any demon and not the big guy himself.) for true power. In exchange for this power to be passed on down her family line she offered the soul of the first-born daughter of every generation. This "true power" has taken many forms through the generations. Divination, mediums, empathy and others. Oddly enough, all of the Scott women keep the surname Scott whether they are married or not.

So, wasn't Alexis so lucky to be not only the first-born daughter but the only Scott woman to have been born in this generation? She was born twenty-five years ago in a dirty little shack in the Louisiana Bayou country. Her first 13 years of life consisted of living alone with her, quite literally, insane mother in the bayou. It was at an early age that she learned how to take care of herself. She learned how to hunt so she could feed herself and her mother, who's mind deteriorated more and more as the years went by. Alexis' mother didn't trust society and therefore never told Alexis that there was a whole world of people out there. She did, however, teach Alexis how to read and write and do her arithmetic. She gave her books on the occult to study and taught her the ways of the Craft as well.

At the age of 13, Alexis, mother died. The cause of the death is still unknown to Alexis to this day. She returned from hunting and her mother was dead. Well, that left Alexis alone. She handled it well though. She had learned how to take care of herself long ago. Six months passed and Alexis began to grow restless. Each hunt brought he further and further away from her home until she would be gone for days at a time. It was on one of these long hunts that Alexis met Taylor Rhye. Taylor was a news journalist trying to investigate a murder within the Louisiana bayou. Imagine the news journalist's surprise when she looked up to see some half naked filthy teenage girl staring at her. With a rifle in her hand no less! Well, Taylor did what any good human citizen would do when seeing a child in such a condition. She called CPS. It took the caseworkers sent out there three days to find Alexis and when they did she was placed into a home for orphans.

Alexis was suddenly thrust into a world of computers and cars, television and inside plumbing, social clicks and well...civilization. It was a very confusing time for the girl and she did what any teenager would do during such an upheavil in their life, she lashed out. She got into fights with the other teenagers even putting one in the hospital. She was soon labeled a problem child and pretty much became isolated from the other kids. It was then that the family gift/curse that her mother had so vehemently taught her of would rise from it's dormancy and bring a hefty blow to Alexis' life. She began to see past events and hear words previously said when she touched an object or a person. It wasn't long before it happened with everything that she touched. It became such a nuisance and a fright to her that she would constantly wear a pair of thick leather gloves. She drew into herself and began to avoid everyone to keep away from physical contact.

At the age of 18 Alexis left the orphanage and was thrust out into the world. She was restless. She couldn't seem to stay in one place for very long and she had a bad habit of pissing people off whem she stayed in one town for to long. So, Alexis left Louisiana and headed for that big city she had read so much about. New York. Once in New York she got herself a small efficiency apartment that had definitely seen better days. She went from one dead end job to the next until the age of 21. That was whem she met Duncan Graham.

Duncan Graham was an aging private detective who happened to run into Alexis while she was having one of her "episodes". Her abilities had gone out of control and images of the past were flashig through her mind for everything that came into contact with her. When she accidenly bumped into Duncan she automatically whispered the words Duncan's wife ahd whispered to him on her death bed. This intrigued Duncan and he trailed and pursued Alexis until she finally gave in and told him how she had come to know such a thing. Needless to say, Duncan felt that Alexis' ability would be very useful to him in his private detective business so he hired the girl on. Two years later the ailing Duncan made the girl his partner and the agency became Graham & Scott. A year later Duncan died from a stroke and Alexis became the sole owner of the agency. Not long after Duncan's death Alexis was hot on the trail of a missing girl when something happened that would change her life. She found the girl alright. She found her dead. When Alexis touched the dead girl's face she was assaulted by the last images of the girl's life. Those images were of a vampire feeding on her. This obviously caught Alexis' attention and she has spent the last year searching out vampires and studying them. She has yet to approach one choosing to study them from afar. Her views on them are not yet known, not even to her. She doesn't tell others about her discovery because, well, for one she isn't all that sociable and secondly....who would believe her?

LJ name for character: alexis_scott


"What are you doing here, Scott?"

The gruff voice of Detective Bulucci caught Alexis a bit offguard. She had been studying the victim's body at the crime scene and happened to be waiting for an oppurtunity to touch the body unseen. A grimace crossed her angular face before she turned and let her dark mahoganey eyes settle upon the advancing police detective. She could already tell they were fixing to butt heads. It wouldn't be the first time and she was certain it wouldn't be the last. A slender hand ran over her short cropped, messy, and uneven black hair as she gave an exasperated sigh. The husky sound of her accented voice reached Bulucci's ears when he came to stop in front of her.

"What it loo' like 'm doin'? Gi'me a minute wi' dat bodeh an' I can tell ya who da culpri' is."

Bulucci's arms rose to cross over his chest as his beady little eyes narrowed upon Alexis' form. He couldn't deny that the woman had an uncanny knack for profiling. Little did he know that it wasn't knowledge in profiling that made Alexis so good. He gave a quick look around the premisces and then turned his gaze back to Alexis and gave a curt nod.

"One minute, Scott. That's all you get and you tell me evetything."

A wry, roguish smirk spread over Alexis' pale lips as she listened to Bulucci's words. Well, for once, he was being sensible. Maybe he was finally ready to realize that she knew what she was doing. Either that or he was wanting to hurry back to his box of doughnuts. Either way, Alexis had her oppurtunity and she was going to take it. She glanced around and then squatted down beside the body as she began to pull off one of her thick leather gloves.

"I knew you woul' be seein' tings mah way."

(Okay. I could make this post much longer but I am sadly out of time. I thak you for your time in considering me for your story-line.)


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