Trinity (__trinity_) wrote in __eternal_blood,

Real name & age: Audrey, 16...okay, so 15 and 10 months. Whatever >.>

AIM/Yahoo: TheGeorge008 on AIM


Experience: A lot of Harry Potter RPGing. A LOT.

Where did you find out about us?: Cai/Trinity

Character name & age: Eleanor Novis, 23

Species: vampire

Character background: Eleanor was turned in England in the 1600s. At the time, she worked her way through the nighttime crowd of men, trading pleasure for money. One night, she stumbled upon a different kind of person, and the obvious happened.

After nearly three centuries of living as a vampire, she traveled across the ocean to America. There she settled down a bit more, meeting more like herself and rooting down among the depths of the growing underworld.

Though many years have passed since her days as a, well, hooker, she still has her old playful attitude, and she lives for the human nightlife. All her feeds and converts have been men, and she always manages to have a little fun before killing them.


New York at night. A vampire's playground.

Dressed to kill in a mix of leather and black lace, Eleanor prowled the streets of the city, her gaze always searching for a prey that would satisfy both her thirst and boredom.

She passed by the guard at the entrance to her favorite club, giving him a nod in return to his knowing smile. Slipping inside, she was met with a blast of colorful lights and throbbing music, to which many people were dancing in the middle of the large room, while others crowded around the bar or by the wall.

Eleanor's gaze traveled knowingly over the mob of people, and instantly she slid through the crowd, several dancing bodies pressing against her in invitation, but she passed by them, completely uninterested. She had already picked out her target.

Having reached the bar, she leaned back against it, brushing back her dark hair back, exposing just the right amount of deathly pale skin.

She waited until the man next to her had looked her way before letting her eyes travel obviously up and down his figure, a slow, teasing smile spreading across her face. She looked up just in time to see the man's glare flickering across the low neck of her shirt, just in time to see the lust start to build in his eyes.

This one was going to be easy.

Congratulations, Audrey! Click here for your invite.

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