bryn_caleigh (bryn_caleigh) wrote in __eternal_blood,

(Small) Plot Idea

This is aimed mostly at Lor, if she's up for it. ;-)

I thought I would send Bryn back to her apartment to get a few things. One of the neighbors sees her sneaking in and calls in the cops, who catch her. She doesn't really know her strength, and it doesn't really occur to her to fight free of a bunch of them. Then would enter Loraine, perhaps to question her about her boyfriend's murder. One way or another, they find out about each other's new-found status in life, and we'll see how it goes from there. I thought the dynamic between a new vamp and a new werewolf could be interesting. Let me know if you want to make something of it.

And if anyone has specific plot ideas to get Bryn involved in, let me know. Its fun to plan ahead sometimes. I want to get her up-and-running. And I hope it was alright to post this to the community.

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