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Things that go bump in the night
And the things that bump back
Audition form 
15th-Sep-2005 11:18 am
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16th-Jul-2006 02:25 am (UTC)
Sample :

Six o'clock had embered away a long time ago. Kerys was still bent over the books staring into the amber light. Nothing had gone as she had planned, again. The judgment agianst her client was not cruelty enough for her thoughts, but the stale look of defeat in the man's eyes, the kind of look that had finally surrendered to having all of his dreams ripped away. She had seen that look several times before, and yet it was never more muderous to her spirit then the sickly defiant glance of a murderer getting away with everything; defended by her. No, the judgment was not the fiercest thing on her mind this night. She closed the books, turned off the light in the library and passed the night janitors with a single acknowleding nod on her way to her office, several stories above the city. She wanted to see the letter again

- Dearest Kerys,

I apologize as it has been several months since I have written. Affairs of the revolution here against the clans has left me with little time for pleasantries. Duncan has made some brillant progress where I have not been able to. I suppose for that I should be happy, and yet I fear that his progress will cost us in the end. he drives without passion. Many people have fallen...the other day, Long Ear was sent to solo raid a common vampire haunt per the request of Duncan. He was outnumbered, merely a child, Kerys. Dead.

Still, we have made progress. I may still be able to quell Duncan's rage if need be. I am the leader afterall, and I was able to quiet yours, right? What is Duncan's compared to yours?

This is not why I write you. I have found them for you, Kerys, but it is not as you may like. Your mother and father. Your sisters and brother, well...You cannot blame your brother for their deaths. He was taken in bloodlust, I am certain. The vampires are an evil cruelty. His is an infection of madness we must stop...

I miss your strength, River Walker, though I know this solitude is better for you. I hope you will find yourself soon, Kerys, for you are so dearly needed.

- Davin -

Kerys let her fingers rub agianst the edges of the paper that had gone smooth already from her constant touch. She once again wished she was there, thought she knew this place was better for her. She had chosen New York personally. It's cold humorless gaze sprawling up to the heights was so different form where shad come from, If she could ever truly find the strenght within herself, it would be within these metal claws, it would be here, or the result may be her death. Such a choice...

"Hey Irish! You still working at this hour? What partner are you trying to impress this time?" Kerys turned her head to Derek. The upstart egomanic's voice had been her constant annoying companion ever since joining the firm and feeling his groping eyes carve lavisciously across her body. He was a fantastically talented attorney and dedicated himself to only two thngs, the law and trying to get her as a trophy in his bed. She may have even considered if his mind had not befouled his striking looks. Ravaging ahand across her brow and through her long highlighted hair to shake the wearyness away, she returned his words in kind.

"That be a bit obvious, Derek, Isn't it?"

"You should be going with me down to a club I know. Get your mind off of work. Come now, its happy hour..." *Derek took a step closer, so close she had to press her hand off his chect to push him away. He never heard of Sexual Harassment.

Letting out a sigh, Kerys looked up jededly into his eyes and smiled politely as she pushed him back. "I'd rather date a lepper....goodnight Derek."

"you'll change your mind, you know?"

Will I? the answer was not spoken. Walking off of the elevator moments later and into the bustle of a never-sleeping city, where the bustle hides the silence as well as it hides dark secrets. Kerys could see the glow of supernatual eyes in an alleyway, and she recalled how close danger truly is, and how much a part of her...wanted to run away.

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