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Things that go bump in the night
And the things that bump back
Audition form 
15th-Sep-2005 11:18 am
Real name & age:




Where did you find out about us?:

Character name & age:


Character background:

LJ name for character:

15th-Sep-2005 09:59 pm (UTC)
Real name & age: Neatta, 16

AIM/Yahoo: xchuchutrain [AIM]

Email: mistress_lioncourt@yahoo.co.nz // ringo.ame@gmail.com

Experience: Hm, Four years of Harry Potter role-playing, and I believe 2 of Celebrity stuff.

Where did you find out about us?: CaiLeigh :)

Character name & age: Amber Halifax, 23

Species: Human [For now...]

Character background: Amber Halifax was born in Allen, Texas, on the 28th of March, 1983.
She grew up with her mother and younger sister, Jaime, in an apartment building adjacent to their local church. When she was eighteen, she was accepted into Columbia University in New York City. She graduated at the age of 22 with a BA in History.

Amber became rapidly obsessed interested in the 'supernatural'. She abandoned her plans and opened a bookstore dedicated to the unexplained.

She currently lives in an apartment in the east village.

LJ name for character: ambernight

Sample: Attached in the next comment. xD *Went over the apparent character limit of comments.*
15th-Sep-2005 10:00 pm (UTC)
Amber's ears were tingling from the ice cold breeze. She felt the temperature all too well from contact her bare hands were making with the book store's cage, as she pulled it down to the ground and locked the two locks. Amber's least favourite thing about Saturdays was closing so late. All she wanted to do at this point was be home, curled in bed with a mug of cocoa and a thick book. But she wasn't, instead, she was standing a fifteen-minute walk away from home, in the cold, dark. Okay, so it wasn't dark, was it ever really dark in New York City? But she was still very much alone.

She jumped at the sound of footsteps, though they turned out to belong to a pedestrian hurrying along in the direction of Bowery Tattoo. Thoughts about where he was going, and why it was such a rush drifting through her mind, but dissipated as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her thick coat.

To an onlooker, this would be an odd sight. Such a girl shouldn't be so jumpy, with her bright red hair and thick eyeliner. Maybe she had just been reading too many vampire novels for her own good.

"Hey, Amber!"

The shivering girl used all of her control not to scream bloody murder, what sort of freak just wanders around shouting out people's names?

"Whoa, A little jumpy are we?" It was a man's voice and it shook with laughter as he mocked how frightened he had made her.

Of course. It's always her friends who are out this late and completely un-phased by the cold, the emptiness, or the strange way the wind blew.

"I'm tired, and cold." Amber muttered back, acid leaking from her words.

"Sorry, sorry. I came over to walk you home." Her friend, Jake, continued. She could help but smile as he grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her off in the direction of her apartment building.

"What were you doing on this side of the village so late?" She stifled a yawn with the back of her hand and rested her head on his shoulder. Ah, the delicious body heat that was emanating from him.

"I dropped off some paperwork down the street." Jake replied, as his eyes followed a car that was blasting ABBA as it drove past. He snickered.
"We should probably re-dye your roots." He added as his gaze returned to her. She subconsciously reached up to touch her hair.

"Hmph." Amber grunted, "Nothing wrong with my roots. It isn't like anyone thought this was my natural colour before they were growing in." She laughed and pushed her hand back into her pocket.

They turned a corner together and the lights from the street-lamps passed over Jake, illuminating his brown eyes and green, spiky hair. When he talked, the barbell through his tongue was quite obvious, and wasn't actually the reason for his strong lisp, though many people might blame it.

They passed a currently empty building that marked the three-quarter way mark from Amber's store to her building. The walk had warmed her up, and the conversation had distracted her from her paranoia. A loud crash in an alley quickly un-did all of Jake's little tricks. Amber stopped walking and stared into the Alleyway.

"It's the bogeyman!" Jake laughed obnoxiously and pulled at Amber's arm. She glared at him.

"It isn't a joke, Jake." She growled, "That stuff I study isn't just a load of garbage. There's always truth behind fairy tales."

"But that's what they are, Am, Fairy Tales!" He rolled his eyes and continued pulling until she started walking again. "It's a great hobby, and it's wonderful that you love the literature so much. Your store does good business. But, it isn't something to go all batty about, freaking out when cats knock over boxes in alleys."

Amber ignored his obvious sardonic tone when he used the phrase 'go all batty' and pulled her key out of her pocket. "This is my stop." She muttered, pulling away from him and crossing the street without a look in either direction.

"Oh come on!" Jake shouted after her, "Don't be angry with me!"
16th-Sep-2005 12:41 am (UTC)

I found the history a bit lacking. The character may be human but there's always important things to put in. The basic 'summary' as it seems didn't tell me much about her at all.

Not a bit. And I find that the history shouldn't just state what has happened but give a tiny bit of insight into the character. I'm not asking for plot ruining details but a little bit of insight.

Just because the history bothered me so... I say elaborate Until then. Nay
28th-Sep-2005 04:17 pm (UTC)
Real name & age: April, 24

AIM/Yahoo: fatal insurgence

Email: fatalinsurgence@aol.com

Experience: 9 years of tabletop games (D&D, VtM, GURPS), 6 years of online role-play

Where did you find out about us?: Roleplayer's Community Live Journal

Character name & age: Alexis Scott, 25

Species: Human

Character background:For anyone to truly understand the history and behaviorism of any of the Scott women they would first have to understand the gift/curse that has been passed down from mother to eldest daughter for the last nine generations. It all began during the 1500's when one Elizabeth Scott was burned at the stake for the crime of witchcraft. The story passed down is that Elizabeth had made a pact with the devil (Through Alexis' studies she has determined it could vary well have been any demon and not the big guy himself.) for true power. In exchange for this power to be passed on down her family line she offered the soul of the first-born daughter of every generation. This "true power" has taken many forms through the generations. Divination, mediums, empathy and others. Oddly enough, all of the Scott women keep the surname Scott whether they are married or not.

So, wasn't Alexis so lucky to be not only the first-born daughter but the only Scott woman to have been born in this generation? She was born twenty-five years ago in a dirty little shack in the Louisiana Bayou country. Her first 13 years of life consisted of living alone with her, quite literally, insane mother in the bayou. It was at an early age that she learned how to take care of herself. She learned how to hunt so she could feed herself and her mother, who's mind deteriorated more and more as the years went by. Alexis' mother didn't trust society and therefore never told Alexis that there was a whole world of people out there. She did, however, teach Alexis how to read and write and do her arithmetic. She gave her books on the occult to study and taught her the ways of the Craft as well.

At the age of 13, Alexis, mother died. The cause of the death is still unknown to Alexis to this day. She returned from hunting and her mother was dead. Well, that left Alexis alone. She handled it well though. She had learned how to take care of herself long ago. Six months passed and Alexis began to grow restless. Each hunt brought he further and further away from her home until she would be gone for days at a time. It was on one of these long hunts that Alexis met Taylor Rhye. Taylor was a news journalist trying to investigate a murder within the Louisiana bayou. Imagine the news journalist's surprise when she looked up to see some half naked filthy teenage girl staring at her. With a rifle in her hand no less! Well, Taylor did what any good human citizen would do when seeing a child in such a condition. She called CPS. It took the caseworkers sent out there three days to find Alexis and when they did she was placed into a home for orphans.

Alexis was suddenly thrust into a world of computers and cars, television and inside plumbing, social clicks and well...civilization. It was a very confusing time for the girl and she did what any teenager would do during such an upheavil in their life, she lashed out. She got into fights with the other teenagers even putting one in the hospital. She was soon labeled a problem child and pretty much became isolated from the other kids. It was then that the family gift/curse that her mother had so vehemently taught her of would rise from it's dormancy and bring a hefty blow to Alexis' life. She began to see past events and hear words previously said when she touched an object or a person. It wasn't long before it happened with everything that she touched. It became such a nuisance and a fright to her that she would constantly wear a pair of thick leather gloves. She drew into herself and began to avoid everyone to keep away from physical contact.

(Continued in next post.)

28th-Sep-2005 04:21 pm (UTC)
At the age of 18 Alexis left the orphanage and was thrust out into the world. She was restless. She couldn't seem to stay in one place for very long and she had a bad habit of pissing people off whem she stayed in one town for to long. So, Alexis left Louisiana and headed for that big city she had read so much about. New York. Once in New York she got herself a small efficiency apartment that had definitely seen better days. She went from one dead end job to the next until the age of 21. That was whem she met Duncan Graham.

Duncan Graham was an aging private detective who happened to run into Alexis while she was having one of her "episodes". Her abilities had gone out of control and images of the past were flashig through her mind for everything that came into contact with her. When she accidenly bumped into Duncan she automatically whispered the words Duncan's wife ahd whispered to him on her death bed. This intrigued Duncan and he trailed and pursued Alexis until she finally gave in and told him how she had come to know such a thing. Needless to say, Duncan felt that Alexis' ability would be very useful to him in his private detective business so he hired the girl on. Two years later the ailing Duncan made the girl his partner and the agency became Graham & Scott. A year later Duncan died from a stroke and Alexis became the sole owner of the agency. Not long after Duncan's death Alexis was hot on the trail of a missing girl when something happened that would change her life. She found the girl alright. She found her dead. When Alexis touched the dead girl's face she was assaulted by the last images of the girl's life. Those images were of a vampire feeding on her. This obviously caught Alexis' attention and she has spent the last year searching out vampires and studying them. She has yet to approach one choosing to study them from afar. Her views on them are not yet known, not even to her. She doesn't tell others about her discovery because, well, for one she isn't all that sociable and secondly....who would believe her?

LJ name for character: alexis_scott


"What are you doing here, Scott?"

The gruff voice of Detective Bulucci caught Alexis a bit offguard. She had been studying the victim's body at the crime scene and happened to be waiting for an oppurtunity to touch the body unseen. A grimace crossed her angular face before she turned and let her dark mahoganey eyes settle upon the advancing police detective. She could already tell they were fixing to butt heads. It wouldn't be the first time and she was certain it wouldn't be the last. A slender hand ran over her short cropped, messy, and uneven black hair as she gave an exasperated sigh. The husky sound of her accented voice reached Bulucci's ears when he came to stop in front of her.

"What it loo' like 'm doin'? Gi'me a minute wi' dat bodeh an' I can tell ya who da culpri' is."

Bulucci's arms rose to cross over his chest as his beady little eyes narrowed upon Alexis' form. He couldn't deny that the woman had an uncanny knack for profiling. Little did he know that it wasn't knowledge in profiling that made Alexis so good. He gave a quick look around the premisces and then turned his gaze back to Alexis and gave a curt nod.

"One minute, Scott. That's all you get and you tell me evetything."

A wry, roguish smirk spread over Alexis' pale lips as she listened to Bulucci's words. Well, for once, he was being sensible. Maybe he was finally ready to realize that she knew what she was doing. Either that or he was wanting to hurry back to his box of doughnuts. Either way, Alexis had her oppurtunity and she was going to take it. She glanced around and then squatted down beside the body as she began to pull off one of her thick leather gloves.

"I knew you woul' be seein' tings mah way."

(Okay. I could make this post much longer but I am sadly out of time. I thak you for your time in considering me for your story-line.)
16th-Jul-2006 01:32 am (UTC)
Real Name & Age: Shannon Elizabeth Worsham / 27

AIM/Yahoo: valkyre01

Email: Shan@rebelblade.com

Experience: 10 years: All of the freeform online in chat rooms; Generally multi-genre but I had a good stint with a few Wod rooms; Star Wars. Storyteller for a few years. Host of Multi-Genre a long time ago...

Where did you find out about us?: doddling around Life Journal Roleplay Community

Character name & age: Kerys Gahren. 32 years of age (regrets for the lack of pic. I never really had much use for them. If you like I will add one)

Species: Lycan

Character background:

Kerys Gharen was a very typical child of seven who lived in a typical country home at the outskirts of Dublin, just where the structured cold stone of the city gave way to the weeds of suburbia and old poverty now anew with the influx of technical economy. Her father was route-walking postman. He came home every evening just before the long hours of the day took the last bit of pride out of his stance and he fell into his easychair, 10 hours older. Her mother, typical housewife, kept a protective eye on the evertroublesome brood of her children. She was ususally too busy to think of anything else. Kerys was neither the youngest treasured jewel who got to sit in their father's lap come evening time, nor the oldest, already getting her first worrying wrinkles at Kerys' birth.

Nor was she one of her two brothers, one 5 years older then she, and always managing to try his hand at being a patriarch. Kerys had the leisure of being forgotten in the ranks, giving her all sorts of time for thoughts of anything and all manners of rebellion. She was the one who stole her youngest sister's dolls and hid them in her brother's room. She was the one that locked the only bathroom from the inside in the early morning and shimmied tomboyishly out the window to dance around in the garden to the background grunts of frustration and shattered echoed as her family splintered through the door. Anything to put a little entertainment into her life. Anything to get out of the ordinary, walking barefoot by a brook to feel her feet squish through moist pete, or catch frogs and fish in the sodium haze of a silent afternoon. She loved the silence. She loved listening to the old world aroud her. The world that carried fansties long before her existance.

Kerys had been born of old stories, you see. Her bones carried the transcript earthen bloodlines of poetic tragedies and thick amber stories of a thousand years ago, tossed about with an ale in 200 year old taverns and wistful gaelic songs. Her brothers and sisters had mostly forgotten it, busy with the modern life and its temptations, and her mother and father were too busy trying to survive. Kerys had the luxury of being different.

LJ name for character:

16th-Jul-2006 02:25 am (UTC)
(( Brilliant. I hit tab and enter at the same time. not even a chance to spellcheck. ahh well carrying on))

She went to school typical enough. Not quite a part of the normal social crowd, still current enough in her attitudes not to be distinctly outcasted. She spent most of her afterschool times within the countryside she loved so much, or stealing rides from boys with motorcycles to felt he wind in her hair and forget aobut her school obligations. Life was simple.

It was not until the later years of school that things changed. unexpectedly and without answers. At sixteen she came home from school and the house was silent, as it never was. She waited for her family to come home, worried. he waited for her father to return from work. She waited into the night, next day, and following. She waited weeks but they would never come. Suddenly orphaned and old enough to know what that truly meant, left with no home after the estate was found dry and not a caring relative to think of, the silence she once loved now deafening as voices raged through her bewilderment. She was carted off into dublin; into a small welfare house just a step up from an orphanage. Into a thick city living as sharp as it could be cold and dangerous and she did what every bannister would suspect in every sterotypical judgment set against her in later years. She found the streets. She found hard times. She found drugs. She found pain. At twenty one with her back against the wall outside Trinity college, mind in a fog from her latest trip she can swear she heard something she had heard in her childhood. And she followed it, some kind of wisful breath of a song once murmmered in the country she lingered in her youth, clearly an induced illusion of the drugs today. It did not matter. She followed it. Hours later, her body thrown over a tombstone in a cemetery not very far from old-town Dublin and every bit afraid; she could not know how her life had changed and why. She would never remember what happened that night; what she had followed, how it had taken her across the paths of Lycans and who had bit her. Even when the howling rage takes her at the glimmer of the full moon and memories rage fiercer then they ever had, she never would remember what happend.

She would remember him though. Not quite a lord, but clearly a leader. His old house and the many others hiding in there waiting for the moonlight to grow full, feeding off of their own memories and the heat of wild blood. It was within fighting part of what she became that she found strenght again. Something aobut it make her reconcile with her family's death and take on old strength. She went back to school, of sorts. took on knowledge and protection with a fervor, fought everything aobut her that had taken to vice with the leader of this packs fair eye willing her on. And then when had taken her farther then she ever thought she would go, english barrister at 31. Strong protecting member of the pack and highly regarded as the second behind him, she finally learned to let go and be on her own again. The leader gave her a ticket to New York and sent her on her way; for no other reason then for her to learn how to be as magnificently strong as her heart was.

So she came to New York with elegant connections, neither part of a pack nor truly on her own. She found herself a nice brownstone near the heart of central park. She walked the streets alone, listening silently to the people around her, a small smile on her lips as if trying to train away who she was for the sake of their voices. She remained an ordinary person in an ordinary life again, and yet under all of that was the secret and the promise that all that strong rebellion that had gotten her here, would be brought to use again on her next step in life....

LJ Name for the character: Kerys_gharen

((Posting again))
16th-Jul-2006 02:25 am (UTC)
Sample :

Six o'clock had embered away a long time ago. Kerys was still bent over the books staring into the amber light. Nothing had gone as she had planned, again. The judgment agianst her client was not cruelty enough for her thoughts, but the stale look of defeat in the man's eyes, the kind of look that had finally surrendered to having all of his dreams ripped away. She had seen that look several times before, and yet it was never more muderous to her spirit then the sickly defiant glance of a murderer getting away with everything; defended by her. No, the judgment was not the fiercest thing on her mind this night. She closed the books, turned off the light in the library and passed the night janitors with a single acknowleding nod on her way to her office, several stories above the city. She wanted to see the letter again

- Dearest Kerys,

I apologize as it has been several months since I have written. Affairs of the revolution here against the clans has left me with little time for pleasantries. Duncan has made some brillant progress where I have not been able to. I suppose for that I should be happy, and yet I fear that his progress will cost us in the end. he drives without passion. Many people have fallen...the other day, Long Ear was sent to solo raid a common vampire haunt per the request of Duncan. He was outnumbered, merely a child, Kerys. Dead.

Still, we have made progress. I may still be able to quell Duncan's rage if need be. I am the leader afterall, and I was able to quiet yours, right? What is Duncan's compared to yours?

This is not why I write you. I have found them for you, Kerys, but it is not as you may like. Your mother and father. Your sisters and brother, well...You cannot blame your brother for their deaths. He was taken in bloodlust, I am certain. The vampires are an evil cruelty. His is an infection of madness we must stop...

I miss your strength, River Walker, though I know this solitude is better for you. I hope you will find yourself soon, Kerys, for you are so dearly needed.

- Davin -

Kerys let her fingers rub agianst the edges of the paper that had gone smooth already from her constant touch. She once again wished she was there, thought she knew this place was better for her. She had chosen New York personally. It's cold humorless gaze sprawling up to the heights was so different form where shad come from, If she could ever truly find the strenght within herself, it would be within these metal claws, it would be here, or the result may be her death. Such a choice...

"Hey Irish! You still working at this hour? What partner are you trying to impress this time?" Kerys turned her head to Derek. The upstart egomanic's voice had been her constant annoying companion ever since joining the firm and feeling his groping eyes carve lavisciously across her body. He was a fantastically talented attorney and dedicated himself to only two thngs, the law and trying to get her as a trophy in his bed. She may have even considered if his mind had not befouled his striking looks. Ravaging ahand across her brow and through her long highlighted hair to shake the wearyness away, she returned his words in kind.

"That be a bit obvious, Derek, Isn't it?"

"You should be going with me down to a club I know. Get your mind off of work. Come now, its happy hour..." *Derek took a step closer, so close she had to press her hand off his chect to push him away. He never heard of Sexual Harassment.

Letting out a sigh, Kerys looked up jededly into his eyes and smiled politely as she pushed him back. "I'd rather date a lepper....goodnight Derek."

"you'll change your mind, you know?"

Will I? the answer was not spoken. Walking off of the elevator moments later and into the bustle of a never-sleeping city, where the bustle hides the silence as well as it hides dark secrets. Kerys could see the glow of supernatual eyes in an alleyway, and she recalled how close danger truly is, and how much a part of her...wanted to run away.

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