Trinity (__trinity_) wrote in __eternal_blood,

Real name & age: Clair, 25



Experience: Some RPG many years ago. Not yet tried any on LJ but this really intrigued me.

Where did you find out about us?: Noticed the ad on LJ when searching for vampire fiction and RPGs

Character name & age: Sophie Durga Late 20's

Species: Human

Character background:

A fetish model from the UK, Sophie headed to America in search of new prospects. Leaving her friends and family behind she was aware that as she aged her looks would begin to falter so begins searching for a new career or money making scheme.

New York lured her when she awoke with a partial memory from a few months ago. A night of drink and laughter with a young American. His declaration that New York is the heart of it all, led her to wonder if he could be the answer to her dreams.

Her hard face and arrogance helped to convince those around her that she had no real cares, just the determination in herself to succeed. After a few weeks she secures a publicity agent and a flat and is ready to explore the city. Drawn to dark beauty she longs to find somewhere she belongs.

LJ name for character: Sophie_Durga


(Back in the UK)
On a dark night she stood, waiting. Head held high. Eyes searching the empty road in front of her. She exhaled slowly watching the smoke curl, whispering, warm softness through the velvet darkness.

Time stretched out before her. What am I doing, stood here in the middle of the night, waiting to see him again? No-one's that good looking, and he might not even have the cash he promised. She glanced around impatiently. Five more minutes, then I'll head to the Phono, at least this outfit won't be wasted.

An engine roared in the distance and finally she heard what she was waiting for. Brisk footsteps heading towards her, echoing through the wind. Breath caught in her throat with anticipation and she forced herself to swallow, to throw the dying cigarette onto the ground.

Finally she felt him, an icy brush against her neck. The smell of leather and metal.

"Come," he said, one word chilling her spine, its harshness tweaking every nerve in her body, stunning her into silence.

He continued down the road, she followed, hurrying to catch up with him as he turned down a side street. She watched as he opened a door. The key catching in the lock, forcing him to fumble and hesitate before pushing it wide open and stepping inside.

He turned and finally she met his eyes. Dark jewels imploring her to follow. Beckoning her forward. She slowly approached the doorway. Momentarily she closed her eyes, convincing herself before striding through the door.

Congratulations, Clair. Click here for your invitation.
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