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Real name & age: Phoebe, 16

AIM/Yahoo: FayrieQueen01


Experience: I play two characters on [info]hogwart_life and two on the greatestjournal After_Hogwarts.

Where did you find out about us?: Audrey/Eleanor told me about it and then Cai convinced me to audition.

Character name & age: Raelin, about 275.

Species: Vampire

Character background: She was a Scottish laird's daughter at the time of the Jacobite Rebellion. She was married at fifteen to a man named Jaime. Before she was sixteen, she had a daughter, Breena. In the year 1745, when she was seventeen, her husband went off to fight in the war. He was killed in the Battle of Culloden. Within six months, her daughter caught some sort of sickness (probably smallpox) and died.

Maddened by grief, Raelin ran away from her father's home with virtually nothing. Though her family tried to find her, after only a year, she was presumed to be dead, and forgotten.

However, three years later, she turned up in France. She was a bit saner by this point, but still not normal. She had very little money, so the inn she stayed at was...well, dingy is a nice word for it. Strong alcohol was served, and one of the men there was a vampire, and well, you can guess what happened from there.

She basically wandered around Europe for a while, until World War I broke out, at which point, she went to America. She continued to wander before finally settling in New York.

LJ name for character: I don't have one yet, but I'll make one if I get it.

Sample: ooc: It turned out to be a bit longer than I thought it would be. Hope you don't mind. In fact, it turned out to be so long, LJ decided that my comment was too long and wouldn't post it. So I put it as a seperate comment. Again, hope you don't mind.

The New York night life was always busy. At any moment in time, day or night, there was someone getting high, someone being fucked, someone being murdered.

Raelin was none of these. She was simply walking down the street, dressed to attract attention in heels and skirt that swirled wonderfully about her ankles. The whores who occupied the street corners scoffed at her, just as she secretly laughed at them. They thought her long skirt old-fashioned, and she always said that their too-short skirts made them more unattractive than desirable.

Her Da had raised her right and Raelin would never admit that at one point in her life, she had lived briefly as one of them, on the streets of Paris, trying to scrape a living out of sex and blood to pay the rent.

But thankfully, she was past those days. Now she clung stubbornly to the values her Da had instilled in her as a little girl, growing up in Scottland, though those days were centuries past.

As Raelin moved past a nightclub, she looked at it scornfully, though she had frequented the club often when looking for a meal. The humans who visited the club were a pleasure to consume; their blood made thick and sweet by excitement, liquor, and sex.

But tonight, she was in the mood for something a little more...tame. The whores would have been the obvious answer: they were plentiful, easy to approach, and no one would miss them. But Raelin could never quite bring herself to feast on one. She would take no pleasure in their death.

A young girl, no more than sixteen, crossed her path, looking around to see if she was being followed. Raelin watched her disappear into an alleyway, and quietly followed. Peering around the corner, Raelin saw a young man holding the girl tenderly in his arms.

An image came to her unbidden: her husband looking lovingly at her, then down at their child in his arms with the same protective look that was now etched on the young man's features.

"Hello my pretties," she said softly, breaking the silence of the alley. The girl whirled around, fear in her eyes.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

The boy stepped in front of her, a gesture that only further saddened and enraged Raelin.

She didn't answer the girl, only advanced on the pair, a hunter's feral grin twisting her features. The girl let out a scream as Raelin sank her teeth into the young man's neck, and Raelin lifted her head to look at the girl. Her face twisted into an expression of horror as she saw the blood on Raelin’s chin and the fangs in her mouth.

Raelin let out a soft hiss and the girl fainted. With a smile, Raelin returned to her feeding, drinking greedily of the boy's hot blood. Then, hunger sated, she turned and walked back into the night.

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