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Real Name & Age: Red - 26

Character Name & Age: Mikhail (Mischa) Petrovich Kuriov - early twenties / Nagi - ageless

AIM/MSN/Yahoo: AIM granitenyte


Time Zone: Central

Experience?: Ten years or so of AOL chatroom, IM, and message board RP. This would be my first go at LJ-based RP.

Character's background info?: Mischa is a wizard, loosely based on the world created by CJ Cherryh's Rusalka novels. (Highly recommended reading, btw.) He hails from the forests of northwest Russia, somewhere between Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev. His brand of wizardry is based on wishes, and can normally only work within the realm of what is allowable by Mother Nature. The best example is that he can wish for a rock to fly, but in order for this to happen a natural force must lift the rock into the air - a horse running past and kicking it, or a whirlwind descending to pick it up. Once in a while he can work an unnatural magic, but this tends to bring about some severe consequences for him.

The modern era isn't very friendly to wizards or wizardly companions; he often finds himself in some kind of trouble due to an inadvertant wish causing unwanted side-effects to those around him. As a result he has been living in isolation, as a hermit, since leaving his uncle, who raised him. However, he longs for some kind of human company - a pleasant respite from the mostly silent and often disagreeable presence of his familiar, a dvorovoi called Nagi.

(a dvorovoi is a Yard-Thing, a shapeshifting and mercurial creature regarded as an ancestor-spirit and guardian by the pre-Christian peoples of Russia. This one tends to shift between the shapes of small dogs or catlike creatures, and a large bearish form when angered.)

((Mischa does speak English, but if it's all right he tends to throw in a few Russian phrases here and there. I'll try to make sure they're translated unless they're meant to get a confused reaction...Nagi speaks not at all.))

Species of your character: Human wizard / Dvorovoi

Why do you think you'd be good as this character?: Mischa is a relatively old character that I never got to play very much, though I've played a quasi-mirror to him in the Star Trek universe for ages now. I shouldn't have any problems remaining true to his personality, and aside from the wishes thing nothing about him is unrealistic. As for Nagi, I delight in playing completely inhuman creatures, and he's as inhuman as it gets.

Where did you find out about the community?: Random RP interests search. rpers_anonymous?

Livejournal username for this character?:(REQUIRED) mischakuriov


Mischa trudged along the strange beach quietly, the contents of the pack he wore clunking softly against each other with each step. Pots, mostly, filled with herbs and things. A book, too, as well as some food, an extra coat, and a blanket. He wasn't sure where he was now, nor how he'd arrived here...He certainly wasn't in Russia. It was really far too warm.

But at least he thought had everything he might need with him. The last time he hadn't been prepared for a sudden, unexpected journey, he'd been hungry, and wet, and cold, all because he'd forgotten food, his blanket, and coat in his haste. Looking back, he knew he should have left the pots behind instead, but they had seemed very important at the time. He knew now that they had no real use, except to help him focus. But he didn't need them even for that. Sometimes.

At least he hadn't forgotten his book. That would have been disaster. He needed the book more than food or warmth, more than the air he breathed. Suddenly, Mischa stopped walking. A terrible thought had just occurred to him. He quickly shrugged off the pack and opened it, digging through the pots until his hands closed on a small container. Relief flowed through him as he drew the small inkwell out, along with his pen.

Close one, Mischa. What good was a book if he had nothing to write in it with?

Replacing the little inkpot, Mischa sighed softly and closed the pack again. Being a wizard was far more complicated and worrisome than normal people could know. A wizard had to keep track of every wish, every spell, and consider how each might affect people and places beyond his knowing. His wish for sunshine might have caused crops on the other side of the world to fail, throwing a country into famine. Another wish, say, one for peace, might keep his country safe, but cause an army to attack another.

A sudden thought stopped him. Those wishes were broad, not specific. But small, very carefully worded wishes, specific wishes, were probably quite safe. How could a wish for a small squirrel to look down at him harm anyone? How could a wish for a leaf to fall cause disaster? It was an insight worth writing down. Straightening to look around this strange, incomprehensible shore, Mischa hunted for a rock or fallen tree. He needed someplace to sit, with perhaps less sand that might find its way underneath his clothing...


Real name & age: Aelx 20

AIM/Yahoo: AIM: AengusEttes Yahoo: AengusEttes MSN: AengusEttes


Experience: Err, about 10 years of AOL role playing.

Where did you find out about us?: Was looking around on the LJ for underworld stuff.

Character name & age: Aengus De'Ettes

Species: Vampire

Character background:

If you asked who Aengus De'Ettes was you would never get a straight answer. Why you ask? Simply because not a lot was know about the Vampire. Only three things where. The first was that Aengus De'Ettes was over 805 years old. The second was that he turned of age in human years at the very fall of Tory.The last know truth about Aengus was that it seemed after he was turned into a Vampire he simply disappeared of face of the earth. That was until just recently.

After Tory fell no one knows what happen to young male child. Some say he become a slave in his sires house and grow up working within the halls until he was turned. Yet, anther story was that Aengus had grown up as the adopted son of his sire and raised along side his other children. No one knows for sure, because all the papers that had records of Aengus younger life have now turned dust.

Rumors however plugged the underworld about who Aengus De'Ettes really was. Some of the rumors say that Aengus had once been an elder, but something had caused the others the turned their backs on him. Yet still more said that Aengus was the son of Michael. But Michael nor Aengus or saying if that is true or not.

When asked about his life before and after Aengus was turned he simply said: "I have seen the rise and fall of many a kingdoms in my life time. I have seen friends come and go. I have seen along lost gifts returned to their rightful owners years later. I have learned that people or not always what they seem."

It was a short and mystery's answer, one that kept everyone guessing whom he was. Aengus liked it that way and plained to keep it just as it has always been. But the only question that remains is can the young man keep all the walls he kept around himself up, or will they all come crashing down?

LJ name for character: Don't have one yet, but I will make one if I get in.


Aengus walked down the small city street, making a right hand turned a few seconds later. His body moving with cat like grace, and a formatively that only someone that had spent as much time wondering the streets of New York City would have.

He made his way in a smooth and slow gate. His deep brown eyes looking around the darken alleyway he had just turned down, as if he were hunting something, or perhaps someone.

The light whisper of someone's voice would stop Aengus in his traces. "You come again, was it not only last night I saw you last?" This voice asked. The unreadily look that had been on Aengus face, turned slowly into a small smirk that turned up the side of his lips, and his deep eyes sprung to life.

"So it was." Aengus soft voice would answer back. He turned so that his body now faced the way the voice was coming. His eyes fixing on the warn body only a few feet away. It was very dark in the alleyway. No human eyes would have picked out where the young human male was standing, but Aengus wasn't like every other human.

"Do you want to do what we did last time?" The young man asked him, as he moved closer to him.

"Oh yes, last night..." Aengus thought to himself as a flash of what had happen played over in his mind. That small smirk that had been on his lips got a little bigger. "No, I thought perhaps we would try something a little....will different" Aengus held his hand out to the boy. "Come a little closer."

Without thinking about or question Aengus he moved closer to the man. His body already shivering with the though of what had happen the other night. After all it wasn't every day you come a crossed a customers willing to pay to give their whores as much pleurae as this man had.

Aengus smiled as the boy moved closer to him. His right hand moving up to run a finger tip over the clothed chest of the boy. His touch was light, and he had no doubt it would do the teak of relaxing the boy more.

He leaned slowly forward, darting his tongue out and running it over the boys neck. He grinned when he heard a small moan slip from his lips. "I want to take my pleurae, from you tonight." He whispered into the boys ear.

For a second he tensed up in Aengus arms but as he licked his way back down over his neck, he relaxed again. "Just relax, I will not hurt you...much..." Aengus whispered again seconds before a sharp pricing scream filled the air and then died away.

A short while later the boy laded lifeless in Aengus arms. The once pale vampire, now had color in his checks from the fresh feeding he had just done on the little whore, whom reminded him so much of himself, all them years ago.

Real name & age: Derek 24

AIM/Yahoo: ravpirate/cpt_raven_privateer


Experience: 5 years V:TM and two years in the Carolina Renaissance Festival

Where did you find out about us?: The vamp fiction community

Character name & age: Clayton Xanatos appears to be in his 20's when he is actually over 530 years old.

Species: Vampire

Character background: Searching for his lost love, a witch who was kidnapped by his sister.

LJ name for character: will create one when i make it in

Sample: Clayton enters the room, his short cut hair appeared jet black in the darkness. His long coat scraped the floor as he made his way towards the bed. "Alisa?" he called. Finally reaching the bed he pulled back the velvet coverlet and saw only a blood stain on the sheets. The very smell of the blood caused his canines to grow. He could tell by the scent that it was hers. sitting on the pillow was a blood stained letter.

"Dearest Brother,

You will understand in time that this had to be done. I could not allow a Witch to taint our bloodline. Do not worry, she is still alive, for now. Whether or not she remains that way is entirely up to you. I have but one demand. Turn control of your home and land to me.

Eternally Your Beloved Sister


Clayton let out a roar that shook the very stones of the estate down to the foundation. He left quick as lightening, vowing that Jem would never take over Evilon and that he wouldn't return till he found his love, his Alisa.

Congrats all of you for making it in. Red and Alex, click here and you're good to go. Derek, I need a journal to accept you with.
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